‘Below Deck’: Leigh-Ann Meets With Camille, Calls Out Ben’s Lies

Ben Willoughby, Leigh-Ann Smith, Camille Lamb [Source: YouTube]

Below Deck cast member Leigh-Ann Smith met up with Camille Lamb and called out Ben Willoughby’s lies. She took to her Instagram Stories to share what happened after they left the boat. Monday aired the finale episode of Season 10. Ben and Leigh-Ann had obvious chemistry when they met aboard St. David.

The deckhand confessed to producers that they knew each other. They even kept nude photos of one another on their phones. Leigh-Ann and Ben met on a dating app and they communicated ever since. He was already involved with Camille Lamb, who was fired earlier that season. Find out what happened after the charter season ended.

Ben Snuggles Leigh-Ann [Source: Leigh-Ann Smith - Instagram]
[Source: Leigh-Ann Smith – Instagram]

Did the Below Deck stars strike a romance?

Leigh-Ann Smith made it clear that she was interested in Ben Willoughby. She didn’t care if he was dating Camille. It didn’t mean they were in a long-term relationship. The Below Deck newbie wanted to give it a shot.

The two flirted a lot when they worked together. Things got steamy between them in the crew outings, especially when the alcohol flowed. Leigh-Ann and Ben tried to take things to the next level in the master cabin. She shared that they didn’t sleep together.

Leigh-Ann Smith & Camille Lamb [Source: Leigh-Ann Smith - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Leigh-Ann Smith – Instagram Stories]
Ben followed through on his plans to reconnect with Camille. Their affair was short-lived. The two ended their fling after they spent 10 days in the Dominican Republic. Ben decided to give it another go with Leigh-Ann.

He visited her in Florida. The two quickly started dating and moved into an apartment together. It sure sounds serious. Leigh-Ann took to her Instagram Stories to share an update on their romance. She spilled all in her revealing post.

The two first started communicating back in June 2021. She had no idea that Ben was working on St. David when she joined Below Deck in March 2022. After Ben broke up with Camille, he reached out to Leigh-Ann about giving it another try.

Leigh-Ann Smith calls out Ben in revealing post

Leigh-Ann wanted to explore their relationship again. Ben flew down to Florida where they lived together for the time being. She helped him get over Camille. The Below Deck couple got serious and talked about moving to Ben’s native South Africa to be together forever.

Yet, it wasn’t enough. Ben ghosted her without any reason. Leigh-Ann has no idea why he flipped a switch on her. She felt that they were on the right track.

“Then, Ben decided to cut all ties with me with no explanation,” Leigh-Ann continued. “I’ve reached out to him on numerous occasions to find out what I’ve done wrong and why I deserve this reaction, but yet he fails to reply.”

Ben Willoughby's Statement [Source: Ben Willoughby - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Ben Willoughby – Instagram Stories]
Ben claims he “cut her out of my life” for his “mental space.” He shared his side of the story on Instagram. Leigh-Ann met up with Camille the day after filming ended and apologized for what happened. She called her an “absolute stunner.”

What are your thoughts on Leigh-Ann meeting up with Camille and calling out Ben’s lies? Does this surprise you? Sound off below in the comment section.

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