‘Teen Mom’ Fans Shocked At Tyler Baltierra’s ‘Freakish’ New Look

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Teen Mom fans are shocked at Tyler Baltierra’s “freakish” new look. The father of four has been spending a lot of time working on his physique and getting into shape. He has completely transformed his body but what is it about his new look that has followers taken aback? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Fans Shocked At Tyler Baltierra’s ‘Freakish’ New Look

Tyler Baltierra has grown up in front of Teen Mom fans’ eyes. He went from a young parent with Catelyn Lowell who was giving up their daughter, Carly for adoption. They were traumatized and struggling but knew that they had each other to lean on. As the years went by, the teenage couple grew into adults and grew their family when they were ready. Tyler and Catelynn welcomed three more daughters, Nova, Vaeda, and Rya plus they tied the knot despite personal and emotional struggles. Along the way, Tyler started to invest in his health and really worked on his fitness.

Tyler Baltierra-Instagram
Tyler Baltierra-Instagram

He got into amazing shape and even started an OnlyFans with the help of Catelynn. Recently, they were seen on the spinoff, Family Reunion where show couples attempted to work on their relationships. Now, fans have caught a glimpse of Tyler on his Instagram stories and were appalled at how he looked. Not only was he bulked beyond belief but he detailed how many calories he was taking in. He admitted he felt “swelled” but it was all a part of the process.

Tyler Baltierra-Instagram/Reddit
Tyler Baltierra-Instagram/Reddit

This made its way to a Reddit thread where Teen Mom fans were shocked at what they saw. They could not believe how he had transformed and to some, Tyler Baltierra may have gone too far. So, what exactly were followers saying?

  • yikes freakish
  • I don’t know what he’s doing, but he’d better stop before his head completely disappears. 😬
  • He looks like a bobble head
  • Why do so many guys think/believe that the big swollen chest and arms with small bottom half and small head actually looks good.
  • Tyler has the head of a toddler, I don’t think bulking will do his any favors.

A Tough Time

Tyler Baltierra may be overcompensating with his workout and bulking regimen to deal with other issues. Recently, he and Catelynn Lowell spoke out about the hurt they felt over being denied access to Carly. Previously, the Teen Mom couple were able to have visitation with the little girl they gave up for adoption. However, it is now becoming a slippery slope, especially the older that Carly becomes. Is it the work of the adoptive parents who were so grateful in the early years or is it Carly herself? Time will tell but Tyler really needs to think about what he is doing to his body.

What do you think of Tyler’s drastic transformation? Has he gone too far? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. To each their own! If everything you did was put out there, would everyone agree? They have been in spotlight for many years. They have let us in their lives with grace & honestly. We ALL go through different phases in our lives. We ALL deal with our issues in different ways. They are a great couple & amazing parents!

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