‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Make Unverifiable Claims

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Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra agree about their daughter Carly and issues about visitation. Recently, Catelynn confirmed that Tyler’s take on it is correct. They were very young when they gave up their first child for adoption, and now, regrets become obvious.

MTV’s Catelynn Lowell Angry About Not Seeing Carly

MTV fans saw that Carly’s mom broke her silence about her anger because they wouldn’t be able to see their daughter on her 15th birthday. As they don’t see her very often, many Teen Mom fans felt sorry for them. However, others wondered if it was Carly’s decision not to see them. Later, Tyler Baltierra spoke about it and he claimed that it wasn’t their daughter’s wish.

Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn Lowell-Instagram
Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn Lowell – Instagram

Catelynn Lowell was one year older than Carly is now when she fell pregnant with her baby daddy, Tyler Baltierra. MTV fans felt very emotional when they opted for an open adoption. It wasn’t easy seeing them meet Brandon and Teresa Davis, the adoptive parents. At the time, most Teen Mom fans agreed they did the right thing for their child. But now, they take a lot of heat for more recent decisions like joining OnlyFans.

Teen Mom Star Catelyn Confirms It’s Not Carly

On Saturday, Carly’s mom took to her Instagram and posted a photo of the family with all their kids. In her caption, she said:

Today is Carly’s 15th birthday! I wonder what kind of day she’ll have and what she’ll do. I wish things were different so we could celebrate with her. I hope she feels our love and has a great day! I look forward to knowing that one day we will be lucky enough to celebrate with her and B&T I can’t wait for that day! @tylerbaltierramtv we are soooo blessed to have our girls!!

Carly's 15th birthday post - Catelynn Lowell - Instagram
Carly’s 15th birthday post – Catelynn Lowell – Instagram

Catelynn Lowell then replied to a commenter who talked about how “hard this [adoption] is.” Like Tyler Baltierra, the MTV star replied, saying, “Absolutely! It’s so incredibly hard for everyone involved.” Another commenter suggested that Carly doesn’t want to see her parents. And to that, she replied, “It’s not Carly.”

MTV Fans React

When the news arrived on Reddit, a Teen Mom fan said:

Cate confirms it’s not Carly that doesn’t want to see them.

Commenters doubted that Caitlyn would be able to verify whether it was Carly or not who didn’t want to spend time with her biological parents. Here’s their reasoning:

  • She couldn’t possibly confirm that though. So many parents take the blame so it doesn’t fall on the child. Cate and Tyler have no way of knowing whether or not she wants to see them.
  • I’ll die on the hill. They never even asked B&T. They don’t even ask about her besides their ‘yearly visits “. They just assume Carly is dying to see them.
  • This is what really gets me. I read that Cate admitted that they don’t send gifts or contact her outside their desire for an annual visit (that they are not entitled to).

What are your thoughts about Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell both claiming that it’s not Carly who doesn’t want visitations? Do you agree that it’s probably impossible for them to verify that? After all, Brandon and Teresa Davis could easily tell Carly that they would take the blame for it. Sound off in the comments below, and come back often for all your Teen Mom news.

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  1. I don’t believe it’s Carly either not wanting to see them. I believe that it’s Brandon and Teresa scared that she’s gonna want to be with them and her siblings which would only be normal for her to want to be around her siblings and Brandon and Teresa are keeping that from her and they only contact once a year because that was what the open adoption was. They’re only allowed to contact once a year and it was supposed to be on her birthday every year and at first and Teresa kept up with it until Carly got old enough to realize that that was actually her mom and dad, and I’m sure Carly has a bunch of questions that only K and Tyler can answer .

  2. what a shame for Carly and Tyler. the both are amazing. for Theresa’s selfish reason or her own insecurities. I pray for u all and I promise once Carly is older she will be back in ur lives. if she don’t believe the love u and t have had throughout the years. she’s can watch the shows u both always talked about Carly or she can definitely reach out to us we all know how u both suffer for Carly. also I love how u both speak to ur girls about Carly. love u all

  3. you gave her up. if it was not for the show and the money you make off of it, carley would not even be an issue. if u really say what you mean. work jobs provide for your children get married and raise your own childre as a real husband/wife. that is how carley is being raised. VALUES………

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