‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Accused Of Drug Addiction In Courtroom

Jenelle Evans and two of her kids from Instagram

Teen Mom fans know that Jenelle Evans and her ex David Eason are in the middle of an incredibly nasty court battle at the moment. Tensions escalated to the point where the court granted Jenelle and her children a restraining order from Eason.

But the battle isn’t over yet. As the courtroom drama continues, David Eason shot some pretty heavy allegations at his ex-wife. At one point, the Teen Mom star ended up in tears.

What exactly was shared?

Jenelle Evans Stares Down Drug Allegations In Court

The court case between Jenelle Evans and David Eason will almost certainly get worse before it resolves. This summer, some think that Jenelle’s son Jace will ultimately testify against Eason.

But in the meantime, plenty of serious legal allegations are going around the courtroom.

Jenelle Evans and two of her kids from Instagram
Jenelle Evans/Instagram

According to a new source, David Eason alleged Jenelle Evans struggled with addiction during their entire relationship. Naturally, the Teen Mom star denied the claim.

“David accused her of being a drug addict, and said that Jenelle has taken Xanax the whole time they’ve been together,” an insider allegedly shared with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “Jenelle rebutted the claim that she’s a drug addict, and said she was prescribed Xanax and has been taking it for the last three years to help with her esophagus spasms. She told the judge that if she gets nervous or anxious, it will flare up her esophagus spasms and she will throw up.”


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“David then asked Jenelle something like, ‘So, you’re denying that you’ve been taking Xanax since we’ve been together?’ And Jenelle said yes, only for the last three years or so,” the source continued.

The Teen Mom Star Bursts Into Tears When Her Mother Is Mentioned

Of course, the accusations didn’t stop there. David Eason also brought Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans into the situation.

“At one point when David was on the stand, Jenelle’s lawyer brought up some of the things David has texted Jenelle since the separation, which he felt was harassment,” the source also reportedly told The Ashley’s. “Jenelle stated that David had texted her ‘Even your mom hates you’ or something like that.”

After that, Jenelle Evans apparently burst into tears. She didn’t feel that it was right of David to bring up her personal issues with Barbara in court.

Have you been keeping up with this messy court drama? Do you believe David Eason’s accusations against Jenelle Evans? Share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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  1. Of course, he’s gonna bring up those type of things because of course She’s been accused of it Her whole life. It’s been in news articles For how many years so of course, he’s gonna run with things that he thinks are going to grab attention and thinks people will side with him on. hes a classic narcissist. I just think it’s sad and I really pray the judges see through His abuse and his abuse tactics. David Eason is disgusting we see what he has done and now he’s trying to get the spotlight off of him cuz he knows Janelle is going places. she’s already done more in the last few weeks than she ever did while being with this loser

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