‘Teen Mom’ Tyler Baltierra Comments On Carly’s Visitation

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Teen Mom stars, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, publicly discuss their issues of being denied fewer visitations than they would like with their daughter, Carly. Now, Tyler’s talking to MTV fans about his point of view.

Is Carly Pushing Tyler Baltierra & Her Mom Away?

Teen Mom fans wouldn’t be any the wiser about Carly not seeing her biological parents on her birthday this year if Catelynn hadn’t spoken about it. The MTV star ranted away on social media about it all. Probably, it’s not the best place to talk about issues with her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis. After all, Carly’s friends possibly saw everything she said on Instagram.

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Some MTV fans think that Carly probably pulls away from Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell. And, many of them believe it’s because they run an OnlyFans account. Once again, they raise the possibility that other kids at school know about that.

Teen Mom Star Reacts To Theories About Carly

On Reddit, a Teen Mom fan shared a screenshot of a comment that Catelynn’s husband made on social media. The OP wrote:

Tyler weighs in on whether it’s Carly’s decision to not see them

Tyler Baltierra/YouTube
Tyler Baltierra – Teen Mom YouTube

Tyler had been asked if he and Catelynn Lowell “thought about the fact that maybe Carly” wanted to keep her distance. He gave a lengthy reply, denying that it came from his daughter. The MTV star said:

I wish this were the case tbh because it would be easier to handle, knowing it’s Carly’s decision. However, we’ve confirmed that’s not the case. But nonetheless, all of the “theories” of WHY the decision was made, seems to have more importance than the vulnerable pain that has been expressed regarding that decision.

Tyler Baltierra Comments On Carly - Via Reddit
Tyler Baltierra Comments On Carly – Via Reddit

Tyler Baltierra continued by saying that some people use their painful situation to “attack” and that makes it worse for everyone. Teen Mom fans reacted in the discussion area and not a lot of sympathy went to Catelynn Lowell and her husband. Here are a few of those opinions:

  • How exactly did he “confirm” that it’s not Carly’s decision? That would be nearly impossible unless he spoke to Carly directly, and even then, the kid could have said it was her parents’ decision.
  • He thinks a kid is going to tell him something he could perceive negatively?? They have NOT worked through the adoption enough In therapy… its sad for everyone involved.
  • I don’t really care one way or another, but she’s 15 and if she wants to see them she can probably send them a DM. It’s not exactly far fetched.
  • While I don’t think B&T + Carly would be jumping at the chance to spend holidays with C&T – I think they would do it if Carly wanted to.

What are your thoughts about Tyler Baltierra denying that Carly is the one pulling away from her parents? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Teen Mom news.

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