‘Teen Mom’ Fans Suspect Carly Steps Away From Catelynn Lowell

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Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell recently vented about not being able to see Carly, 15, on her birthday this year. But, MTV fans wonder if the lack of contact comes from Carly as well as from her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis.

Catelynn Lowell Was Close To Carly’s Age When She Fell Pregnant

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter revisited the issues that Tyler Baltierra has with visitation rights. He complained on Carly’s 10th birthday that they don’t see much of her despite an agreement that they signed. At the time, his baby mama was only a year or so older than Carly is now. Again, in 2022, the MTV stars seemed angry that they couldn’t see their oldest child often enough.

17-year-old Catelynn Lowell Gave Up Carly For Adoption - MTV Teen Mom - YouTube
17-year-old Catelynn Lowell Gave Up Carly For Adoption – MTV Teen Mom – YouTube

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler voluntarily agreed to an open adoption, but they didn’t call the shots. The original agreement revealed that it was up to Brandon and Teresa Davis whether they could see Carly or not. Interestingly, in 2015, Teresa Davis refused to allow them to post photos of Carly on social media. At the time, she said that the MTV stars had to trust her to make the decisions for their daughter. But is Carly old enough now to tell Teresa she doesn’t want contact?

Teen Mom Stars Tyler Baltierra & Catelynn Do OnlyFans

On Reddit this weekend, MTV fans discussed the visitation rights and decided that possibly, the lack of cards and gifts from Tyler and his baby mama caused some distance. After all, nothing was stopping them from sending things in the mail. It was Tyler who admitted that he felt he couldn’t find the right words to say, even if he wrote a letter.

Teen Mom - Tyler Baltierra Doesn't Send Gifts And Cards - MTV via Reddit
Teen Mom – Tyler Baltierra Doesn’t Send Gifts And Cards – MTV via Reddit

In another discussion, Teen Mom fans slammed Catelynn Lowell for running her OnlyFans account. In the caption, the OP wrote:

Cate is back to promoting Tyler’s OF. Sigh.

Catelynn Lowell promotes Tyler Onlyfans - Via Reddit
Catelynn Lowell promotes Tyler Onlyfans – Via Reddit

Teen Mom fans felt irritated because, at 15, any teenager might be embarrassed if their parents flaunted the fact that they run an OnlyFans account. Here are some thoughts from the discussion:

  • I don’t get why they advertise this so much and wonder why Brandon and Theresa are ghosting them. I’m really not trying to shame just an observation lol.
  • Like it never crossed their friggin’ minds that this might…just MIGHT have something to do with why their 15 year old daughter isn’t pushing for a visit. I know she’s had to have seen these at some point…they’re all over the internet. I would feel deeply uncomfortable with that if I were in her shoes at that age.
  • Even if B&T are strict on her access to computer and phones…You know her friends/classmates have said something.

What are your thoughts about the lack of contact between Carly, Tyler Baltierra, and Catelynn Lowell? The original adoption agreement left most of the initiative to maintain contact with Carly’s adoptive parents. Are you shocked that now she’s a teenager she might have told them she doesn’t want any contact? After all, at 15, she probably knows that her birth parents are on OnlyFans. Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Teen Mom news.

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