‘Teen Mom’ Tyler Baltierra Forced Into OnlyFans By Wife

Tyler Baltierra-Instagram

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra revealed that it was his wife who forced him to start an OnlyFans. The father of four has been working incredibly hard on getting into shape. Therefore, Catelynn Lowell decided to jump on the opportunity. So, how exactly did she get her husband to agree to join? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Tyler Baltierra Forced Into OnlyFans By Wife

Fans have been immensely impressed by Tyler Baltierra’s physical transformation. He has shown it off on his social media, along with the progression of how he got there. Comments immediately flooded in over this photo.

Tyler Baltierra-Instagram
Tyler Baltierra-Instagram
  • “Congrats!!! I love what u said about results are not the goal consistency is n I’m struggling with that. U look great !”
  • “Not me feeling awkward bc he’s hot but he’s forever 16 in my eyes 👀 🫣😂😂😂😂💀”
  • “You look great!! Keep up the amazing work!! You can achieve anything you put your mind to ❤️🙏🏼”

With all of this praise and his amazing transformation, it seemed only appropriate that Tyler Baltierra capitalize off of it. According to the Daily Mail, he opted to join OnlyFans in July, just one month ago. However, this was not necessarily Tyler’s decision as it seems his wife had a lot to do with it. He shared this: “She keeps pushing me,’ he explained. ‘I’m very thankful for her. She always is pushing me to kind of just be my authentic self. My wife, she knows how to push me off the ledge, I guess. It’s been kind of wild, to be honest.”

Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. (Photo by Catelynn Lowell/Instagram)
Catelynn, Tyler-Instagram

When asked if he would be posting more content for fans in the near future, Catelynn was the one to answer that. “If you would like to see more [yes]. I am a wife-ager.” Additionally, he teasingly referred to his wife as the boss which, if it brings in money, is all that matters. Finally, one thing that must be noted is that Tyler Baltierra is not trying to push the envelope with this endeavor. It is more so pics he will send to his wife and then she will decide whether to post them or not.

Body Shaming & Edits

It is interesting to see Catelynn Lowell taking control of her husband’s body while making money off of it. Just recently she addressed Tyler Baltierra’s body shaming her on camera. However, she chalked it up to editing and things that were left out. Yet, Tyler has lost thirty pounds in several years and has worked really hard at it. Plus, he is not the only star or alum from the show to dive into the OnlyFans world. Time will tell how successful he is from this.

Do you think Catelynn was smart to push him toward this career? Or, should his body just be for her? Let us know in the comments below.

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