Catelynn Lowell Posts Tyler Baltierra’s Rap Without Permission

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Catelynn Lowell took it upon herself to post Tyler Baltierra’s rap without his permission. The two are middle school sweethearts and started dating in 2005 after they were best friends in the seventh grade. The couple had faced a lot of challenges together and after three years of dating, they found out they were expecting a child. They were only juniors in high school at the time. They both agreed they weren’t ready to be parents, so going against their parent’s wishes, the Teen Mom OG stars put their baby girl Carly up for adoption. In 2015 the pair tied the knot, after being together for 10 years. Now the couple has welcomed three more daughters Vaeda, Novvalee, and Rya.

Tyler Baltierra’s Childhood And How Catelynn Lowell Helped Him

Just a few months after Tyler and Catelynn became official Baltierra’s father, Butch, and Lowell’s mother, April, also started a relationship and got married in 2009. Growing up Tyler’s dad struggled with substance abuse and addiction and wasn’t always the supporting father Tyler needed. Thankfully, Baltierra, had Lowell to help him get through the tough times with his dad. But unfortunately, things never really got better for Butch. He has been in and out of jail and is a very unstable presence in his son and granddaughter’s lives. Tyler’s music is a way he escapes all the pain his dad has caused and Catelynn thinks he should be showing it to the world.


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Catelynn Lowell Showing Off Her Man’s Talent

Catelynn Lowell is always cheering on her husband and supporting him in doing what he loves. In her most recent Instagram post, Friday. The Teen Mom OG star posted a small piece of his original rap song. Catelynn Lowell captioned the post:

“I keep telling him to share his art with people because it’s impactful & people could really relate to it! I’m so damn proud of you @tylerbaltierramtv and you are an amazing daddy!! We adore you!”

The song is all about Tyler’s childhood pain caused by his dad, Butch. In the song Baltierra raps:

“My heartbeat skips which leads to screams / It always weeps ’cause those damn drugs are all you seem to ever need / How do you keep getting high over loving your kids, huh? / Are we just not good enough? Too much responsibility with no rush? So you just don’t give a f**k.”

He adds audio of Butch talking about his battle with addiction and substance abuse on Teen Mom OG. It seems like Tyler Baltierra had no idea Catelynn was gonna post his rap video on her social media. Tyler wrote the sweetest letter to Catelynn Lowell in the comment section of her video. ET reported he had no idea she was posting it for the world to see but he didn’t seem upset with her. Tyler commented:

“Wow…I love you so much babe! Idk if I was ready for this & I never really planned on ever sharing it with people since I just use it as my own personal therapeutic outlet, but you always push me to be my most authentic best self & for that I will forever love & cherish you!” Tyler wrote of his childhood sweetheart. “Thank you for always supporting me through all of my struggles & discoveries. You honestly make me a better me & I love you more than I could ever express! 🥹😭.”

Tyler might have to thank Catelynn Lowell for posting his original music one day. Fans seemed to really connect with Baltierra on a deeper level now.


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What are your thoughts on Teen Mom OG star Catelynn releasing his song without his knowledge? If you were Tyler would you have reacted in a nice and calm manner like he did? He seems to really love and care for Catelynn so fans think at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what she posts. Catelynn has said she just wants him to be appreciated and she believes fans will really relate to him now knowing his story. Sound off in the comments below!! We love to hear your thoughts!!!

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