‘Teen Mom’ Is Daughter Carly Rejecting Catelynn Lowell?

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Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Lowell, and Tyler Baltierra welcomed a baby girl named Carly, and now she’s venting because she can’t see her daughter. While watching 16 & Pregnant, fans felt like crying for them because they decided to give their child up for adoption. Carly went to live with Brandon and Teresa Davis and the MTV stars see her regularly, but something went wrong and they can’t see her now.

Catelynn Lowell’s Little Girl Will Soon Turn 15 Years Old

Teen Mom fans know that on May 12, Carly will turn 15 years old. Born in 2009, photos of her arrived each time she had a birthday. But this year, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn won’t be with her on her special day. It seems to be a bit of a puzzle because as far as MTV fans know, they have a good relationship with Brandon and Teresa Davis. In 2019, Tyler raved about how lucky they were to be part of their daughter’s life.

Carly with her siblings and biological dad - Instagram 2023
Carly with her siblings and biological dad – Instagram 2023

In June last year, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were shown in a heartwarming video of Carly. At the time, their other children, Novalee, 8, Vaeda, 4, and Rya, 2, also enjoyed being with their adopted sibling. The only thing that marred what seemed like an ideal arrangement was Catelynn’s brother Nick spilling some ugly tea about the two Teen Mom stars. Did something go wrong between the MTV OGs and  Brandon and Teresa Davis?

Teen Mom Star Vents About Not Seeing Carly

When Carly’s mom vented, she seemed very upset with Brandon and Teresa. Of course, it soon made its way to Reddit where MTV fans discussed the problem. In her slide, Catelynn had written:

Adoption is wild…Being at the mercy of someone that can say no..(I know I chose this, there’s no need to tell me!) I will just never understand how you say that you “love” us and will always be “blessed” for us..BUT you can’t take TWO( days out of of your entire year to just meet up for dinner and do a park or something small? Especially when we said we would travel to YALL?! I know for me..people I LOVE and are blessed to have, I MAKE tme for! So now we most likely won’t see her until she’s 16…And who knows if that will even happen…

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell Vents About Carly - Via Reddit
Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell Vents About Carly – Via Reddit

In the Reddit comments, not many Teen Mom fans felt all that sorry for Catelynn Lowell. Here are some reasons why they feel that there’s more to the story:

  • maybe Carlee doesn’t want to see them and the parents are protecting her by saying they can’t do it. You just never know the entire story unless you’ve heard from both sides.
  • She’s old enough to use google now, wouldn’t surprise me if she wasn’t keen to have a relationship.
  • she’s capable of seeing the full extent of who they are, not just who they are when they visit her. If I were a teenager, I’d be very embarrassed by my birth dad having an OnlyFans.

What are your thoughts about Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra not being able to see Carly this year on her birthday? Do you think that possibly, she doesn’t want to be with her biological parents? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Teen Mom news.

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