‘Teen Mom’ Tyler & Catelynn’s Daughter Leaves Fans Sobbing

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Teen Mom fans are really feeling for Nova Baltierra. Tyler and Catelynn’s second-born daughter got extremely emotional in a clip from The Next Chapter. She started to want some answers about her parents and their past. Yet, what were these questions and what had the six-year-old so sad? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Fans Feel Broken For Nova Baltierra

MTV viewers have watched Tyler and Catelynn since they first appeared on 16 & Pregnant. That was when they made the difficult decision to give their firstborn daughter, Carly up for adoption. Fortunately, the teens were still able to see her through the adoption agreement and watch her grow. She even attended their wedding along with her parents. Though Tyler and Cate went on to have three more healthy girls, they have continued to mourn the adoption.

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It did not help that Catelynn suffered a few miscarriages which led to a decline in her mental health. Now, according to The Sun, the sadness of the adoption has trickled down to their daughter, Nova. In the clip on Teen Mom’s Instagram, the family is in the kitchen when Catelynn begins to ask Nova why she misses Carly. To that, Nova replies: “I felt like that’s my sister and I can’t see her that much.”


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“Like imagine getting split up from your sister or your brother,” Nova adds. She then asks her parents how old they were when they had Carly and they are very honest. Fans’ hearts immediately were crushed for the little one watching this clip. “That was touching ❤️😢 uff I mean she deserve to ask is her sister that broke my heart,” one noted. However, so many appreciated how smart Nova was and how open her parents were about it all.

No More Kids

After the four healthy and beautiful girls that the Teen Mom stars have, they are done with babies. This season, Tyler underwent a vasectomy. Of course, Catelynn started to get nervous at the beginning. As for Tyler, he was completely ready to close up the shop. Yet, he did not really listen to what the doctor had to say so he was unsure of how much pain he would be in afterward. Now, they have their complete family. Of course, it will be interesting to see what does happen when Carly turns eighteen. Will she opt to become a full-time fixture within the family? Only time will tell.

How do you think Tyler and Catelynn handled Nova’s questions? Let us know and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Tuesday on MTV.

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