Katie Maloney Feels Fooled By ‘Safe’ Space Lala Kent

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Katie Maloney feels fooled by her former “safe” space, Lala Kent after she betrayed her in part one of the reunion. The Vanderpump Rules stars were thick as thieves in Season 10 but fell out in Season 11. Yet, they found their way back to one another. Unfortunately, Katie quickly learned that she could not confide in her former bestie. Keep reading for more details on the tea that was spilled.

Katie Maloney Feels Fooled By ‘Safe’ Space Lala Kent

It has not been easy for Katie Maloney and Lala Kent as the latter had hidden her truth for a long time. She denied dating a married man and hid Randall Emmett from the cast. It took a few seasons for Lala and Katie to find a common ground but they did and became very close. In Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules, they stuck by one another like glue. Unfortunately, Season 11 saw a shift where Katie was Ariana Madix’s closest ally with Lala and Scheana Shay thick as thieves.

Ariana Madix, Lala Kent, Katie Maloney-YouTube
Ariana Madix, Lala Kent, Katie Maloney-YouTube

Lala and Katie eventually hashed out their issues and were able to come back to a good place together. Yet, after the reunion was filmed, it was clear that Lala was done with both Ariana and Katie. Now, part one of the Season 11 reunion has aired. At one point, Lala shared that Katie was livid with Ariana for not helping out as much with their sandwich shop, Something About Her. She added Ariana had not paid her portion of the rent and other issues Katie was having.


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At the same time, Lala Kent noted Katie Maloney did not want that exposed. She felt that Ariana Madix had enough on her plate. It seems that when she felt Lala may use this as a storyline or more, Katie threatened to take Lala’s business down. Katie then took to her Instagram stories after the show aired to clear it all up:

Katie Maloney-Instagram
Katie Maloney-Instagram

She also added that she values “trust, loyalty and integrity.” So, clearly, Katie felt Lala was a “safe” space and she was not.

Other Issues

It did come out that Ariana Madix got her job on Broadway and never informed Katie Maloney of this. That was hard for Katie because she had no idea what that would mean for the sandwich shop. So, what were the fans’ thoughts after seeing this clip?

  • Anyone else think Lala is over exaggerating with Scheana about Katie bc viewers love Katie and hate them this season?
  • This is such a sh***y move as a friend.
  • Lala can not form a real friendship with any of these girls

The general consensus was that Lala was told something in confidence and then weaponized it. She turned it into a storyline but it failed her miserably and she looked like the villain.

What did you make of it all? Was Lala just trying to be honest or was she trying to get her airtime in? Let us know your thoughts and watch part two of the Vanderpump Rules reunion Tuesday, May 21st on Bravo.

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