‘Vanderpump Rules’ Is Lala Kent Calling Katie Maloney A Liar?

Lala Kent and Katie Maloney

Lala Kent could be calling Katie Maloney a liar. There have been several occurrences in this season of Vanderpump Rules where Lala comments about someone not being truthful on camera. Fans have put instances together and are giving their theories. It is safe to say this reunion is going to be full of drama and accusations. Kent may be at the center of those arguments.

Lala Kent Is Pregnant Again

Lala Kent has had a busy season on the show. She is now pregnant for the second time. Lala already has a daughter, Ocean. Kent had the child with her former fiancé, Randall Emmett. However, she does not like having to share her child with someone. This has led her to get pregnant the second time by using a sperm donor and IUI treatments. She did not want to wait for a man to have another child and wanted to give Ocean a sibling. This has been an inspiration to a lot of women. One is Brittany Cartwright who is currently separated from her husband. She said she would do what Lala did if they did not get back together.

Lala Kent-YouTube
Lala Kent-YouTube

Is She Calling Katie Maloney A Liar?

It seems fans have caught moments where Lala is trying to bait Katie into making a negative comment on camera. She has also stated there is someone who is not being honest on camera. Is she calling Katie a liar? 

  • “I definitely think the comments Lala keeps making about people not being honest on camera are aimed at Katie, and she is going to bring up something Katie said off camera at the reunion. It feels like Lala is trying to bait her into saying something negative in this clip.”
  • “I think it’s about Katie, too. I thought it might have been about Ariana and the sandwich shop. Like Katie vented to Lala that Ariana was so “booked and busy” she wasn’t putting the sandwich shop first. Like Sandoval and his “band” with Schwartz and Sandy’s. If that’s the case, I’m still team Katie because you’re allowed to vent to your friend.”
  • “This is it. Katie might have minor grievances with Ariana but it seems extremely unlikely she is 100% team Sandoval behind the scenes.”
  • “Katie didnt mean like she felt bad for him like Ariana is out of control she meant that the way she dismissed tom she was embarrassed for Tom, never said Ariana was out of line or that he didnt deserve it”
Lala Kent-YouTube
Lala Kent-YouTube

It seems fans think Lala has been trying to get Katie to say something negative towards Ariana on camera. She has also been making comments about someone not being truthful on camera. This is more than likely directed towards Katie. Viewers have heard that Lala and Ariana get into a friendship-ending fight on the reunion episode. What could that be about? Is Katie involved in that? Sound off in the comments below.

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