Randall Emmett Speaks Out On Lala Kent Sperm Donor Pregnancy

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Randall Emmett recently spoke out about Lala Kent and her pregnancy journey. Lala is currently pregnant with her second child and fans are ecstatic for her. She has made more viewers fall in love with her on this season of Vanderpump Rules. Kent has grown a lot and shows a more mature lifestyle. However, Randall does not seem to agree with what she is doing to have a second child.

Lala Kent And Randall Emmett Custody Fight

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett have been fighting for custody of their daughter, Ocean. 

“His biggest thing is, ‘I don’t want to give her full legal because that would mean she could put Ocean on Vanderpump Rules, but I will give her final say on education and health.’ And I’m like, ‘Well that is all I f—king want. Who gives a f—k about putting her on Vanderpump Rules?'”

During this custody battle, Lala realized she did not want this to happen again. She wanted another child but did not want the attachment to another man. This made her decide to have another child doing IUI treatments with a sperm donor. She has inspired people across the world to know that you do not need a man or a partner to have a child if that is all you are waiting on.

Randall Emmett And Lala Kent With Baby Ocean [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]

Randall’s Thoughts On Lala Sperm Donor

It seems Randall does not like what she is doing. Or how she is talking about the conception. This is what Lala said.

 “There was a lot of consideration before I got pregnant with Ocean beforehand was very beautiful, so I wanted to bring like that warmth into me, bringing a baby into the world in an unconventional way. Going the donor route and how this baby is conceived was much more pleasurable,”

This is how Randall feels about it.

 “Randall’s focus is being the best father possible and doesn’t see any value in responding to disparaging comments, he is disappointed as a parent that she would talk about the conception of their beautiful child that way.”

It was not Lala degrading her daughter, but more so her baby daddy. 

Randall Emmett Called 'Petty' For Latest Instagram Post [Credit: Instagram]
Randall, Lala-Instagram
It seems Randall does not like how she talks about the way their daughter was brought into the world. However, fans do not think she was belittling her daughter whatsoever. Lala has struggled with Randall being her baby daddy and she has every right to not want that with another man. Fans do not think she should be shamed for that. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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