’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Slam Big Ed: Not Caring About Liz’s Daughter

Big Ed and Liz Woods

90 Day Fiancé fans are slamming Big Ed Brown for not caring about Liz Wood’s daughter, Ryleigh. Ed was about to be her stepfather and seemed to enjoy the role he was taking on. However, when the couple would get into arguments, he was seen dissing her and the things he had done for her. Liz is a good mom, and she needed a partner who was going to be there for not only her but for her daughter too.

Liz Woods And Big Ed Split

Big Ed and Liz Woods had a rocky relationship from the start. The two would constantly argue and nothing would get resolved. The difference with this couple is they both lived in the United States. However, one of them was going to have to relocate to be with the other. Liz had agreed to move to Arkansas to be with Ed and closer to his family. However, this did not seem to be enough as they ended up splitting up. The two even went to several group and couple therapy sessions with other couples from the franchise. They left the resort engaged. However, Ed called off the wedding.

Liz Woods, Big Ed Brown-Instagram
Liz Woods, Big Ed Brown-Instagram

Fans Think He Does Not Care About Ryleigh

Ed called the wedding off and did not tell Liz. She has to find out through their officiant. Big Ed pointed out that he had tried to make Ryleigh comfortable with the move by setting up her room and planning a vacation. However, he asked Liz to meet him at a bar to have a conversation. He did not take into consideration that she had to do something with her child. Fans did not approve and slammed Ed.

“He never cared. That’s your response when she says, ‘Where am I going to take my kid?’ You were about to be her damn stepdad,”

Big Ed via Insta
Big Ed via Insta

It seems Big Ed was listing off everything he had done for his future stepdaughter, and it did not sit well with fans. Viewers also saw how he did not take into consideration what Liz was going to do with Ryleigh when he wanted her to go to a bar to talk. Ultimately fans think Liz got out of a bad situation for her and her daughter. The two were supposed to get married, but Ed called off the wedding without a word to Liz. Do you agree with the other fans? What is your opinion? Sound off in the comments below.

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