Lala Kent Confirms IUI Was Better Than S*x With Randall

Lala Kent-YouTube

Lala Kent has confirmed that IUI (Intrauterine insemination) was better than being intimate with her ex-fiance, Randall Emmett. The Vanderpump Rules star was engaged to the producer when she conceived her daughter, Ocean in 2020. Unfortunately, that relationship fell apart and she took another route for baby number two. So, what made this alternative experience so much better? Keep reading for more details. 

Lala Kent Confirms IUI Was Better Than S*x With Randall

After starting their relationship in Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent and Randall Emmett went public in Season 7. By the time the reunion rolled around, the two were engaged and planning their life together. When Season 9 started, Lala had given birth to their daughter, Ocean, now 3. Sadly, by the time of that season’s reunion, Lala had learned a lot of shady things about Randall and ended their engagement. It broke her heart that Ocean was going to have to be in a divided family but she did know she wanted more children.

Lala Kent-YouTube
Lala Kent-YouTube

Therefore, with the support of her mother, Lisa, and brother, Easton, Lala opted to do IUI. In the Tuesday, April 16th episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala enlisted her co-stars and close friends to help her pick her donor. In March 2024, she announced she was expecting her second baby and recently shared it was a girl. Baby girl number two is due September 1st, 2024. In the latest after show, Lala was chatting with The Valley star, Brittany Cartwright about IUI. According to Page Six, Lala had some choice words for how she felt about IUI versus being with Randall.

Per the beauty mogul, she shared that she would rather get “f–ked with a cheese grater” than ever be with her ex-fiance again. This is a take on what Ariana Madix had told Rachel Leviss to do at the Season 10 reunion amid ‘Scandoval.’ Lala Kent went on to add that “going the [sperm] donor route … was much more pleasurable than how [her daughter], Ocean, was conceived.” However, Lala was not done with discussing how awful that experience was.

‘Trauma Response’

In the past, Lala Kent had said she was nervous to be with a new partner. Though she and Randall Emmett parted ways in 2021, she noted that they had not been intimate since she conceived Ocean in 2020. So it had been quite some time and this was a person she was going to marry. While speaking with Brittany Cartwright, the Vanderpump Rules star was repulsed talking about intimacy with Randall:

“I can’t even think [about it]. I literally sit there and I’m like, ‘What?’ Like, ‘How did you do that?’ My mind, it’s like a trauma response.”

Lala’s ex did respond and his rep had this to say:

“Randall’s focus is being the best father possible and doesn’t see any value in responding to disparaging comments.”

Additionally, he “is disappointed as a parent that she would talk about the conception of their beautiful child that way.” Do you think that Lala should try to respect how Ocean was conceived or does she have no filter? Does this hurt Ocean more than Randall? Let us know in the comments below and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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