‘The Valley’ Producers Reveal Truth Behind Michelle Lally Affair

Michelle Lally

The Valley producers recently revealed the truth about the Michelle Lally affair rumor. They traced it back to where it started, and fans are not shocked. Now there is proof of who started the rumor and fingers can’t be pointed in the other direction. Michelle and Jesse Lally announced they were getting a divorce before the show premiered. Viewers have got to watch their marriage fall apart on reality television.

Jesse Lally Hears About Rumors On TV

Jesse Lally revealed that the first time he heard the rumors was on the show when it premiered. 

“I watched it when everybody else watched it. I remember specifically I had left [after the fight] and gone downstairs. Kristen and Luke had left and my adrenaline was pumping so hard, I had no idea that I bumped into Brittany. I literally put my mic back on, went upstairs, walked in the room and apologized to Brittany immediately. So that whole transition of Luke and Kristen, I had no idea and nobody said [anything] to me. It was the first time I heard it.”

It shocked fans with that the group, he had not heard it before seeing it on TV. Jesse also revealed that he and Kristen do not speak anymore, and he was bummed about losing a friend.

Jesse and Michelle Lally
Jesse and Michelle Lally

The Truth Behind The Michelle Lally Affair Rumor

It seems Kristen Doute did not start the rumors, and it was Jax Taylor. 

“I’m scared to bring this up because this is not my place to do this. It’s regarding Michelle. There was another guy that … You’re not filming this, are you?”

Jax then went on to say he would get in trouble by Brittany Cartwright if he told her. He heard Michelle Lally had an emotional affair with another guy. However, he then backtracked and texted Kristen after lunch accusing her of texting Brittany. She did not speak to Brittany and Jax Taylor was starting drama once again.

Michelle Lally
Michelle Lally

It seems that Jax was the one who started it all, shocker. Fans do not know if it is true due to the source it came from. Michelle and Jesse Lally were going to get a divorce regardless as Michelle was miserable in her marriage. However, both of them have new relationships and seem to be happier than they were with each other. Viewers are getting to see their marriage fall apart and what led to their divorce. What do you think about the rumor? Sound off in the comments below.

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