Michelle Lally Texting Other Men: Marriage Falls Apart

Michelle Lally

It seems Michelle Lally has been texting other men throughout her marriage. She has been married to Jesse Lally for six years and their marriage just keeps crumbling. A lot of their fellow costars seem to have a lot of dirt on their marriage that they won’t yet say. However, Jax Taylor let people know Michelle Lally has not been faithful to her husband. Keep reading to find out more.

Michelle Lally No Longer Happy In Marriage

It seems Michelle has not been happy in her marriage for a while. 

“I see him trying and I am just holding back. I don’t know what it is in me. I just think three years is a long time when Isabella was born, everything was closed because of COVID, so Jesse was very hands on. And then everything opened and he just left. I do have resentment. It is hard to swallow how I felt so alone for so long. We drifted apart.”

She revealed she has felt this way since their daughter was born.

Jesse Lally, Michelle Lally-Instagram
Jesse Lally, Michelle Lally-Instagram

Jax Taylor Claims She Is Texting Other Men

Jax Taylor then threw shade at Michelle Lally and accused her of talking to other men. 

“What he told me when we went to the carnival is, ‘If my marriage lasts the next two months, I’ll be shocked,’ I knew they were going through tough times. As we were leaving the fair, Jesse kind of brought it up that he thought his marriage would be over in the next couple of months. Kristen told me this about Michelle, I am just worried Kristen is going to open her mouth. Michelle always claims she doesn’t know who famous people are. But she was going on with that director, she was going out with him for a couple days straight, she goes to the Château [Marmont] every day from her house and she happened to meet him at the pool and they get along. It turned out to be another day. And then another day, Like, you don’t think this is peculiar?”

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It seems that Jax knows things others don’t. However, Jax does not have much room to talk when it comes to failed marriages or infidelity. He is currently separated from his wife, Brittany Cartwright. It seems a lot of the couples on the show are falling apart. Did you expect Jesse and Michelle to last? Are you shocked? Sound off in the comments below.

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