‘Golden Bachelor’ Why Did Gerry Turner Choose Theresa Nist?

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Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner seemed to have made a big mistake when he chose Theresa Nist. Some fans wonder why he went for her instead of the other contestants. While some people chalk it up to fame and attention-seeking, it seems that he might have done better with another contestant, like Leslie Fhima.

Gerry Turner Didn’t Stay Married For Long

Leslie Fhima was shocked because, in Costa Rica, he told her she was the one for him. Then, he did the same thing with Theresa, and Golden Bachelor fans were amazed when he dumped Leslie. As far as they were concerned, Leslie was the frontrunner all the way. However, Theresa seemed genuinely in love with her man and she agreed to marry him.

The Golden Bachelor - Leslie Fhima, Gerry Turner Hometown Date - ABC
The Golden Bachelor – Leslie Fhima, Gerry Turner Hometown Date – ABC

Gerry Turner and Theresa let Golden Bachelor fans know about their divorce when they appeared on Good Morning America in April. Of course, that got ABC fans speculating about what went wrong between them. Did he turn out to be a monster off-camera? Was he only here for her money, but she’d insisted on a prenup so he pulled out? But perhaps people should wonder more about why he chose her in the first place.

Why Choose Theresa Nist?

Two days ago, the Golden Bachelor alum broke his social media silence by sharing photos of his pup, Cody, and his dad, who is in his 90s. Of course, some angry ABC fans went on there to troll him about Theresa Nist. Others were much kinder, and yet more people talked about how “confused” they were about the outcome of a divorce.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Breaks Social Media Silence - Instagram
Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Breaks Social Media Silence – Instagram

One TLC fan wondered if Gerry Turner would get back “with Leslie Fhima,” his runner-up on the Golden Bachelor. Of course, that raises the question as to why The Golden Bachelor¬†chose Theresa Nist over her. With that in mind, Collider wrote an article and they came up with an interesting insight.

Theresa Nist tells Gerry Turner about her husband's death - ABC - YouTube
Theresa Nist tells Gerry Turner about her husband’s death – ABC – YouTube

The article mentions that more than one person connected with the ABC star, but ultimately, Theresa, his first one-on-one date, grabbed his attention immediately. How did she do that? Well, she shared her sad story about the death of her husband when they went for dinner. Straight away, Gerry Turner looked concerned on her behalf. They bonded over death, and he was empathetic.

Empathy Is Not Lot Love

Collider also recalled that Theresa Nist started telling the rest of the Golden Bachelor contestants that things went well. Recall, that Kathy Swarts told her to “Zip it.” Actually, ABC fans branded her as a villain for that. But, others were not happy either. The sad story reached the ears of Gerry, who “[Fired up his] savior complex and he gave himself the task of protecting the fragile Theresa from her mean cast mates.”

Kathy Swarts Confronts Theresa Nist - Golden Bachelor - ABC
Kathy Swarts Confronts Theresa Nist – Golden Bachelor – ABC

In short, it seemed that he became something of a knight in shining armor to protect Theresa from life’s unhappy things. Of course, other people had sad stories of loss as well, and he seemed great at “consoling” them. but from the get-go, it seemed that “Gerry’s empathetic nature…led him to choose Theresa over Leslie and Faith.”

What are your thoughts about why Gerry Turner chose Theresa Nist? Do you agree that he seemed to want to be her protector because she had a sad story? Did he ever really love her? Or did he just like to be needed? Do you wonder if he confused empathy for love? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here for all your Golden Bachelor news. 

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