Is Hoda Kotb Getting Serious About New Suitor?

Hoda Kotb from The Today Show, sourced from YouTube

Has Today anchor Hoda Kotb started getting serious about a new man in her life?

Since ending her engagement to Joel Schiffman, her fans hoped she would go on to find everlasting love with someone new. Hoda might not be at that point yet in her new relationship, but it seems like things are certainly going well.

She recently opened up about her mystery man and couldn’t wait to get to their third date. Read on and see what she had to say about him.

Hoda Kotb Opens Up About Her New Guy

Although Hoda Kotb isn’t attached to anyone at the moment, she isn’t a stranger when it comes to serious relationships. She was married to Burzis Kanga from 2005-2008 before getting engaged to Joel Schiffman in 2013.

Many of Hoda’s fans thought Schiffman was the one — especially after they adopted daughters Haley and Hope together. Schiffman and Hoda Kotb broke up in early 2022 after eight years together.

Hoda Kotb from The Kelly Clarkson Show, sourced from YouTube
Hoda Kotb/The Kelly Clarkson Show

Now, the Today anchor enjoys playing the field. She’s been dating around and having fun with potential suitors. But as her third date with one particular man looms, fans wonder if she will go public with him soon.

“I hadn’t been on a date in two years, because that’s when our relationship, my past relationship had ended,” Hoda shared on The Drew Barrymore Show, mentioning her split with Joel Schiffman. “I think it was just the kind of fun of talking about something that wasn’t kids and wasn’t work. It was just life, and I missed that. And he’s really handsome.”

The Today Anchor Describes Her Ideal Partner

During her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Hoda Kotb didn’t mention Joel Schiffman by name. However, she did open up a bit about where their relationship went wrong.

“If he was happy, then I would be happy. I want[ed] him to be [happy]. … I wasn’t myself,” the mother of two informed the audience. “And now, I’ve gotten to a point where if the date’s not for me, and it’s OK, I’ll say, ‘Oh, my God. This was so much fun. You’re a really nice guy.’ Like, I don’t mind being myself and being confident and knowing what I want. I’m not twisting myself in a pretzel to make everybody feel good all the time because I’ve done that for most of my life, and it was exhausting.”

As for any new potential partners, Hoda firmly stated she has “a lot of buckets that [she wants] someone to fill.” In other words, she needs someone who can meet her emotional needs, spiritual needs, and any other needs that might arise.

“There’s so many buckets in life, and I think sometimes if you think about your person, I think I realize in my life that there’s more that I want,” she added.

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