‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Mitchell Kolinsky & Sydney Talk After Show

Mitchell Kolinsky & Sydney Errera - Farmer Wants A Wife

While Farmer Wants A Wife just showed its finale episode, the filming ended nearly five months ago. Since the show’s completion, the couples have needed to lay low while the rest of the world caught up on this season’s drama. But now that the finale is over, the farmers and ladies can return to living their lives in the open. Undeniably, Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera have quite a bit to say following their experience.

Farmer Wants A Wife Wraps Up With Big Decisions

Although each of the Farmer Wants A Wife cowboys was head to head with a big life decision, they all gracefully handled the process well. However, it is never easy to make the final cut. Over six weeks, the farmers and the ladies are on a fast track to discover if their connection is strong enough to pursue marriage. Undoubtedly, the emotions of all cast members run high during this elimination process. After living and learning about one another, the final choice is often a huge burden for the farmers. Likewise, each of the chosen ladies has a lot to think about to integrate their lives with a person they essentially just met. Unfortunately, these decisions also leave some brokenhearted at the close of the season. Now Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera talk about their experience through this process.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Mitchell Kolinsky
Farmer Wants A Wife: Mitchell Kolinsky had a hard decision.

Mitchell Kolinsky Makes His Choice

Sadly, the final episode shows Mitchell Kolinsky sending away one of his ladies. His choice came down to Kait Smith, a social media coordinator from Los Angeles, California, or Sydney Errera, a construction worker from Sweetwater, New Jersey. While he could see a potential life with either woman, he said goodbye to Kait, his mom’s top choice. Then he extends an invite to Sydney to see where things go. She accepts his proposal to date. After five months of dating, Mitchell and Sydney have a better idea of what life will look like together.

Mitchell Kolinsky & Sydney Errera - Farmer Wants A Wife - Taste Of Country Interview
Mitchell Kolinsky & Sydney Errera – Farmer Wants A Wife – Taste Of Country Interview

Mitchell Kolinsky And Sydney Errera Talk After The Show

An interview from Taste Of Country with Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera was released after the finale. Sydney recalls after filming ended, they didn’t know what to do with themselves. Admittedly, they drove back to the farm and just sat there. The couple remembers sitting in the truck eating Chick-fil-A and relaxing.

While Sydney Errera discusses Farmer Wants A Wife, she confides that she was confident from the beginning that Mitchell Kolinsky would choose her. Admittedly, her mindset made it easy for her to be relaxed throughout the process. Notably, Mitchell even recalls she was the only one who didn’t storm out when he brought home the new girl as a “test.” Furthermore, he mentions she “passed” with her reactions to the tense situation. Additionally, Mitchell talks about having a “gut feeling,” even before the show, that Sydney might be “the one.”

Mitchell Kolinsky Had An Inkling

During the initial review of the bios and pictures, Mitchell Kolinsky had an inkling Sydney Errera was the one for him. Out of forty-five women, she was the one he ranked as his #1. Notably, he paid close attention to each of the ladies’ short, three to four-sentence bio. Likewise, he was thinking about how they phrased their ideas, where they were from, and looking for anything that stood out. Unmistakably, Sydney jumped out at him with her New York Yankees jersey in the stadium. He recalls her looking, “Absolutely beautiful.” Additionally, Sydney wasn’t a city girl and seemingly would be a good fit on the farm.

Mitchell Kolinsky - Farmer Wants A Wife - Taste Of Country Interview
Mitchell Kolinsky – Farmer Wants A Wife – Taste Of Country Interview

Sydney Errera Was Eager To Find Her Farmer

Sydney talks about her willingness to leap at the chance of finding a farmer. Initially, Sydney’s mother told her about Farmer Wants A Wife. Admittedly, she tries to take opportunities as they come and she was eager to see where this would go. Over the past five months, the couple has snuck around with only a few public outings like Panera or Chick-fil-A together. Additionally, they took a getaway after filming the show. The network sent them to California to an avocado farm to allow them some private time together but out of sight.

Mitchell Kolinsky says they are playing around with the idea of a wedding in about two years. Both Mitchell and Sydney “check a lot of boxes” for each other. Undeniably, they align on hunting, fishing, and many other personal interests. Additionally, they see eye to eye on marriage and raising a family.

What do you think about Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera getting together? Do you think they are on their way to tying the knot? Are you happy with the Farmer Wants A Wife’s final choices? Drop your comments below.

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  1. I think they are smart to have time together for a few years before settling into married life and having children. They both have time on their side, given their ages. I really like this couple.

    1. If he knew he didn’t want anymore children he should have NEVER went on the show! I think he just wanted to be on TV. Shame on you Tye Shame on you!!! 😠

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