‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Brandon Reveals Intimate Scene He Would Redo

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers

Farmer Wants A Wife cast member Brandon Rogers recently spilled some tea ahead of the Season 2 finale on Fox, including an intimate scene that happened which he would love to redo. So, what did Brandon have to say?

Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 Has Been Leading Up To The Final Choices

The final episode of Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 is all about the farmers making their final choices. Each farmer has narrowed down the potential candidates to two remaining women. However, the hard part isn’t over yet. Along with Brandon Rogers, the rest of the farmers must ultimately decide on the one woman they want to give their all to.

At the end of the day, by this point in the season, each farmer has gathered as much information as they possibly can. They have spent weeks narrowing down their choices. On top of that, they have also gone to the hometowns of the remaining women and met their families. Now, all they have to do is make their final choices.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers
Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers/YouTube

Farmer Brandon Rogers Has To Choose Between Emerson Sears & Grace Girard

Even though she was a late arrival to Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2, Emerson Sears made quite the impression on Brandon Rogers. Clearly, she made enough of an impression to make it all the way to the final two. Now, all that remains is to see whether or not Emerson can make it over the finish line.

As for Grace Girard, she is no slouch. Some Farmer Wants A Wife fans think that Emerson may have it in the bag, but, that isn’t necessarily the case. Ultimately, viewers will have to tune in to the finale to see who Brandon and the rest of the farmers choose.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Grace Girard
Farmer Wants A Wife: Grace Girard/YouTube

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers Opens Up About Intimate Scene

Brandon recently opened up regarding how the sparks flew with Emerson Sears right out of the gate. In addition to her looks, Brandon added that she “held good conversation” and she was also from a “small town.” However, Brandon even gave listeners the inside scoop on their intimate scene.

According to Brandon, as he was asking Emerson to come back to the farm, she “whipped around” and kissed him. Apparently, this all went down out of frame. Even Brandon acknowledged that this is exactly the kind of thing that cameras would want to catch.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Emerson Sears
Farmer Wants A Wife: Emerson Sears/YouTube

Speaking specifically about redoing the kissing scene with Emerson, Brandon Rogers said: “If you’re gonna kiss, you need to do it on camera.” Brandon also added that he would go back and redo that locking lips scene with Emerson, not because it was a “bad kiss,” but because it was “a lot for TV.”

However, one question left to answer is whether or not the physical chemistry between Brandon and Emerson would be enough for him to choose her in the end.

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Evan Morgan


  1. He would have picked Joy if she hadn’t left, and to me that means that he is not mature enough to even think about a wife. She was about as Unsuitable to be a farmer’s wife as she could be. I mean really, is she going to get up before sunrise to do her heavy makeup, Farrah Fawcett hair, and don high heels and a mini dress to do farm chores? She wondered where she would get her nails done! She didn’t want to work outside the home. Hello?

  2. I wish Brandon would have picked Emerson from Iowa. I think the two had more in common, and I think Emerson was more of the farm-type, down-to-earth gal. I just think the two would have been happy together.

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