Farmer Ty Ferrell Discusses Melody’s Tantrum After New Girl

Ty Ferrell, Farmer Wants A Wife

Recently, Farmer Wants A Wife star, Ty Ferrell, gave his thoughts on Melody Fernandez’s reaction to his bringing back a new girl. Many fans saw her response as a complete tantrum. When Ty reflects on his experience, he talks about how he felt about the interaction.

Ty Ferrell Gets To Know The Ladies

During the past two episodes of Farmer Wants A Wife, all four farmers were meeting the families of their last two ladies. In the episodes, Ty Ferrell has a tough decision between Melody Fernandez and Megan Lay. While seeing each of these ladies in their natural environment and surrounded by family gives Ty a little more to work with, it is still a difficult process. Additionally, throughout the season, Ty has gotten to know the ladies and see their reactions to different elements along the way. For instance, each dater faced a plot twist when the farmers were given the option to meet and bring home a new woman. At Ty’s farm, the choice to bring in Ashley ruffled the feathers of the ladies back at the farm.

Ty Ferrell realizes how much the other ladies don't like his decision to bring in a new woman. - Farmer Wants A Wife
Ty Ferrell realizes how much the other ladies don’t like his decision to bring in a new woman. – Fox

Melody Fernandez Was Clear She Didn’t Like The Plot Twist

After Ty Ferrell brought Ashley back to the farm, they were greeted with strong cold shoulders from Melody Fernandez, Brooke Wyman, and Megan Lay. When the idea of the new girls coming to the show was first introduced, Melody was very vocal about leaving if Ty chose to bring back a new lady to the farm. So when he returned after his date with Ashley in tow, the house was not happy to see her to say the least.

Melody was hurt he brought back another woman.- Farmer Wants A Wife
Melody was struggling when Ty Ferrell brought back another woman.- Farmer Wants A Wife

Immediately after Ty introduces Ashley to Melody, Brooke, and Megan, Melody requests a conversation with Ty alone. Undoubtedly, her body language and the tension are apparent. When she calls Ty out for adding someone else to the dating pool, she is clearly mad. While the girls were fueled by jealousy and survival mode from the Farmer Wants A Wife experience, many people thought Melody’s response was a big tantrum. Without a doubt, she confronts Ty since he decided to add another woman to the mix. Essentially, she flares, tells Ty how she feels, and then explains she will need to “take a beat” for an unknown amount of time to process the new twist.

Melody reacts to Ty Ferrell bringing back a new girl. - Farmer Wants A Wife
Melody reacts to Ty Ferrell bringing back a new girl. – Farmer Wants A Wife

Ty Ferrell Discusses Melody’s Reaction

Now, Farmer Wants A Wife star, Ty Ferrell, is reflecting on how he feels about Melody Fernandez’s tantrum. Unmistakably, Ty’s good feeling of meeting a nice new girl quickly diminishes when he sees the tension in the situation. While exploring new opportunities they disrupt the relationships he is building with the three women on his farm. On Reddit, one question came up about the “new girl” situation. First, the user directs a question to Ty. Saying, “Ty: what was your reaction to Melody’s semi-tantrum about the new girls?”

Ty Ferrell understood the women's reactions. - Farmer Wants A Wife/ Reddit
Ty Ferrell understood the women’s reactions. – Farmer Wants A Wife/ Reddit

Then Ty says, “To be honest, I had a feeling how each of the ladies may react. The good thing about Melody is no matter her reaction to any situation. She communicates how she feels.” While it is an uncomfortable situation for everyone, Ty allows each lady to process the stressor in their way. Although none of the women were happy, Ty can appreciate Melody’s reaction. For instance, Melody was straightforward in communicating her feelings. Afterward, she gives time to sort through the difficult emotions.

What do you think about Ty Ferrell’s point of view about Melody Fernandez’s reaction? Do you think Melody’s response was valid? Are you ready to see who Ty chooses in Farmer Wants A Wife? Drop your comments below.

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  1. personally I think they need to look at if the ladies can take farm life clearly most of them have no idea and it’s going to end up like last season where they left after a month. the farmers are going by who they are drawn to the most rather than the overall picture.

  2. Farmers do not need to hook up with girls from NYC or any big city. They have no clue what farm life is truly like.

  3. This whole show is nothing but a game, similar to The Bachelor/Bachelorette. The farmers are as shallow as the other dating show contestants, and the outcomes will be the same: no lasting relationships. The women should cut their losses and get the hell out of Dodge while they can.

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