‘Welcome To Plathville’ Did Micah Plath Get Married?

Micah Plath - Welcome To Plathville - Instagram

Welcome To Plathville star, Micah Plath, has made it clear picking up ladies comes naturally to him over the past few seasons. However, he wasn’t exactly racing down the alter. Notably, his older brother Ethan Plath recently filed for divorce with Olivia Plath. Undoubtedly, watching Ethan and Olivia’s relationship fall apart most likely deters Micah and his siblings from wanting to jump into marriage too quickly. Likewise, Moriah Plath hasn’t exactly had the best of luck in love either. But now fans wonder if Micah is already in a marriage but keeping it quiet.

Micah Plath Shys Away From Public Relationships

Naturally, when someone watches those close to them struggle it can make them think twice before taking the same road. For instance, Ethan and Olivia’s marital issues were very public on Welcome To Plathville. Undoubtedly, it must have been hard for Micah Plath to watch his older brother struggle with his relationship. Undeniably, he and Olivia didn’t see eye-to-eye on her treatment of Ethan. During many of the seasons of the show, Micah portrays himself as somewhat of a playboy. While he was eagerly chasing after his modeling career, he still found time to date from time to time but didn’t truly seem to want to settle down.

Micah Plath - Instagram
Micah Plath – Instagram

Earlier this year, there were some speculations that Micah was dating a new lady. Seemingly, he has been getting close to a luxury real estate agent, named Veronica Peters. However, some clues recently have made fans think during the time lapse since Season 5, he may already be in a marriage. Perhaps he is keeping it under wraps to avoid public influence or just waiting for the new season?

Is Micah Plath In A Marriage?

On Reddit, Welcome To Plathville viewers discuss whether Micah Plath is in a marriage. Initially, one user posts: “So they are married now???” Then the user adds a screenshot of Micah with Veronica Peters. He drapes his leg over a rail and squeezes her in tight to his chest. They have their heads leaned in to rest on one another. Her arm wraps around his back and the other gently touches his chest as they get cozy. The photo captions: “PLATHville & st. PETERSburg…📽🌅.”Additionally, Micah comments, “You’re so cute, love you.” But this Reddit feed was quickly confused by the assertion they are married.

Micah Plath and alleged girlfriend, Veronica Peters are looking closer than ever. - Reddit/Instagram
Micah Plath and his alleged girlfriend, Veronica Peters are looking closer than ever. – Reddit/Instagram
  • “What about this says they are married lol.”
  • “How are you getting marriage from this? Because she’s wearing a white dress? The caption references both of their last names so surely it couldn’t be that.”
  • “Where does it say they’re married?”

Micah Plath And Veronica Peters

Another user quickly jumps in clarifying, “I think OP thought the ring on her middle finger was on her ring finger.” The screenshot was a repost by Pink Shade Podcast on Instagram with the caption: “Soft Launch?” Seemingly, the photo indicates they are still together and closer than ever, but nothing directly links them to marriage just yet. But wedding bells may be right around the corner for Micah Plath and Veronica Peters. Seemingly, they are spending quality time together with his family.

Micah Plath and Veronica Peters spending time with the family. - Instagram
Micah Plath and Veronica Peters spending time with the family. – Instagram

Other Fans Weigh In

But other users on Reddit find Micah Plath’s relationship in general surprising.

  • “Oh wow. Micah found himself a girlfriend? How, in this day and age, does a fundie misogynist manage to get a girlfriend? Is Micah living with his mom and her racist boyfriend now? He was living in LA and moved back home to Cairo, GA last I heard.”
  • Others were convinced Micah Plath is gay. But one person adds, “There is a scene where Micah said it’s not a gender of a person that matters but the person itself. He was being politically correct now everyone assumes he’s gay.”
  • “Ugh. he’s such a weasel.”

So they are married now???
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What do you think? Is Micah Plath getting close to a proposal or perhaps secretly already married? Do you think he is hesitant to enter a committed marriage? Are you ready to see more episodes of Welcome To Plathville? Drop your comments below.


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