Wayne Brady Doubles Down With Two Show Premiere Dates

Wayne Brady - Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

While Wayne Brady is most popularly known for starring in Whose Line Is It Anyway?, he is taking on a new TV challenge. Recently he let fans know about two big premiere dates on the horizon.

Wayne Brady Is Making Big Strides

Lately, Wayne Brady has been making his statement about his personal life and career. While he is best known for his role in the hit show Whose Line Is It Anyway? he has many other areas of fame. In like fashion, he has a long list of accomplishments during his 51 years of living. Notably, he was on Dancing With The Stars, The Masked Singer, and How I Met Your Mother. Since 2009, he has hosted the CBS renewal of Let’s Make a Deal. Furthermore, he was nominated for multiple Daytime Emmys. Notably, receiving nominations for Outstanding Game Show Host which he won in 2018.

Wayne Brady and Witney Carson from DWTS Season 31, sourced from YouTube
Wayne Brady and Witney Carson from DWTS Season 31. – YouTube

Overall he is a five-time Emmy winner, including writing the lyrics to “30,000 Reasons to Love Me” for the game show. In 2014, Wayne won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Original Song for those lyrics. Additionally, in his personal life, he boldly announced his pansexuality in August. With this, he is hoping to encourage others to be their true self.

Wayne Brady Announces Two Upcoming Premiere Dates

Although Wayne Brady’s past is already very impressive, he has many new ventures on the horizon. First, Wayne will return as host of Let’s Make a Deal Primetime. Notably, this primetime version of the show is its fourth season and will debut on August 7. Furthermore, co-stars, Jonathan Mangum and Tiffany Coyne are expected to join Wayne back on the screen. But that isn’t the only iron Wayne has in the fire. Even before Let’s Make A Deal returns, Wayne is kickstarting a brand new series.

Let's Make A Deal is returning in August. - CBS
Let’s Make A Deal is returning in August. – CBS

Planning to air July 24, Wayne Brady: The Family Remix is Wayne’s new family reality TV series. Coming to Freeform and Hulu, the series promises good times with his ex-wife, Mandie Taketa, their daughter, Maile Brady, and Mandie’s life partner, Jason Michael Fordham. Wayne is showing their family’s take on a modern family. He refers to his ex-wife as his “soulmate, best friend, and ride or die.” However, Mandie is happy she doesn’t have to endure his snoring anymore. Admittedly, they have worked diligently to become the team they are today through lots of therapy. During the pandemic, they quarantined together in their modern mix. Now his mission is to be more open and tell others about his life behind the scenes.

Wayne Brady: The Family Remix coming to screens in July. - Instagram
Wayne Brady: The Family Remix coming to screens in July. – Instagram

Making A Difference

While Wayne Brady and his family are pulling back the curtain of their personal life, he is also playing an iconic Broadway role. In like fashion, Wayne Brady is taking the role of “The Wiz.” He tells People, “This show is a benchmark, and not just for me, but for a lot of Black performers.” Furthermore, Brady says, “That was the first time we saw such amazing singing and dancing on a screen from people who looked like us.” Undeniably, he is inspirational to others with his great career moves throughout his life.

The Wiz - Jeremy Daniel
Wayne Brady, The Wiz – Jeremy Daniel

What do you think about Wayne Brady’s upcoming premieres? Do you plan to tune in? Are you ready to see behind the curtain of Wayne’s life? Drop your comments below.

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