‘DWTS’: Wayne Brady Mourning A Loss Amid Lackluster Week

Wayne Brady and Witney Carson from Instagram

Wayne Brady is usually one of the top performers on Dancing With The Stars Season 31. However, fans noticed that he had a particularly rough time during Michael Buble Night.

All week long, DWTS fans wondered if Wayne and Witney actually secretly planned to drop out. Their social media channels indicated that something wasn’t quite right. But after Selma Blair’s surprise exit, fans didn’t think they could handle another unpleasant surprise.

Wayne and Witney did perform on Monday, but their performance wasn’t quite up to their normal standard. The judges gave them a 44/50 for their Quickstep to “I Get a Kick Out of You.” What exactly went wrong? Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Wayne Brady dealt with health issues and a personal loss last week

In a recent interview, Wayne revealed that he was delighted to have a chance to perform for singer Michael Buble. However, health issues prevented him from performing full out like he really wanted to. He and Witney had very little time in the rehearsal room. After Wayne got sick, Witney’s son Leo also came down with a serious illness.

“We’ve had quite the week man… I caught a bug, and I got sick,” the actor told ET. “Then her kid gets sick and has a super high fever. I was passed out for two and a half days, so I don’t get to rehearse till Friday night. Then, their whole family’s ill.”

Wayne Brady and Witney Carson from Instagram
Wayne Brady & Witney Carson/Instagram

On top of his health issues, Wayne Brady was also heartbroken to learn of comedian Leslie Jordan’s passing. The 67-year-old actor tragically passed away in a car accident on Monday morning. His loss was felt by many, including Wayne.

“I was fortunate enough to interview Leslie during the pandemic [and] it was my first time getting to really meet him,” Wayne told ET this week. “I grew up on a lot of Leslie’s comedies, the sitcoms, he made great TikTok videos. Leslie made me happy. Leslie made millions of people happy, and at the end of the day, that is the biggest legacy that one can leave. So God bless you, Leslie, and thank you.”

Michael Buble believed that Wayne and Witney deserved an A for effort

The judges sadly admitted that it wasn’t the best performance that Whitney and Wayne have given in the ballroom. But all things considered, it was sort of a miracle they got to perform at all. Michael Buble even gave them a 10 for their efforts.

Wayne Brady and Witney Carson from Instagram
Wayne Brady & Witney Carson/Instagram

“I didn’t feel like we deserved a 10. But, I feel that when you have a guy like Michael BublĂ©, he also is the stand in for the audience,” the Whose Line Is It Anyway? actor added. “And the audience is like, ‘We don’t care that the whole end of the routine was messed up, we love you. Ten! That’s what this show is also about. It’s not just a dancing competition, it really is a human competition.”

Halloween Night kicks off this Monday night

Hopefully Wayne and Witney can pull it together and make a strong comeback in week seven. Monday night is Halloween and viewers can look forward to a fun spooky-themed episode. The set list will be out soon, so be sure to check back and see what the top nine couples will be performing to.

If you want Wayne Brady and Witney Carson to stay in the competition, don’t forget to vote! Someone will go home on Halloween Night, so lend them your support.

Stay tuned for more upcoming DWTS news.

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