Hulu Pulls Plug On ‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 3

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Fans of How I Met Your Mother were thrilled when Hulu picked up the spin-off of the sitcom How I Met Your Father. 

As fans know, How I Met Your Mother aired its final episode in March 2014. The first season of How I Met Your Father was released in January 2022. Despite the eight-year gap, fans of the OG were thrilled to tune into the spin-off.

Season 2 of How I Met Your Father concluded on July 11th. Just 30 episodes into the series, How I Met Your Father left viewers with more questions than answers. Sadly, Hulu has just made the decision to pull the plug on the series after two seasons. So, the questions fans were left with at the end of Season 2 will never get answered.

Hulu Pulls Plug On How I Met Your Father Season 3

How I Met Your Father worked as a spin-off eight years later because it told the story of an entirely different group of friends. The series was told from the perspective of a nearly 60-year-old woman named Sophie. The pilot episode of the spin-off made it a point to clarify that, unlike the OG, Sophie had already connected with the father. The question was: Which of the men she connected with was it?

According to TV Line, Hulu has made the shocking decision to pull the plug on Season 3 of How I Met Your Father. This surprising news comes just a few months after Season 2 concluded. Fans of the spin-off and the OG are devastated and demanding answers as Season 2 ended on a massive cliffhanger.

During the Season 2 Finale (which is now also the series finale), viewers watched Sophie get together with Jesse (potential baby daddy #1). Sid (potential baby daddy #2), however, was not in a great place with the season ended. His marriage with Hannah blew up.

Who was the father, however, wasn’t the only question Season 2 left fans with. Season 2 wrapped up with viewers learning that Val and Charlie had a son named Alex together. Now, this came as a bombshell to fans because the couple had previously broken up during Season 1 because Charlie was adamantly against having children.

A Stand-Alone Series With Easter Eggs

The spin-off off was a stand-alone series. Hulu made this clear from the beginning. The series, however, did drop a lot of Easter Eggs for fans of the OG to enjoy. There were also cameo appearances on the show from a few of the cast members from How I Met Your Mother.

In response to news of the cancellation, many subscribers took to social media. And, they begged Hulu to give them closure on the series instead of just pulling the plug.

How are you feeling about Hulu pulling the plug on How I Met Your Father Season 3? Considering the cliffhanger Season 2 ended with, fans can only assume that was not the original plan. What could have happened to cause the cancelation? And, could another network step in and save the series? Most importantly, who do YOU think the father was? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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