Ryan Seacrest Hints At ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Stint?

Ryan Seacrest from the Kelly Clarkson show, sourced from YouTube

Is Ryan Seacrest going to be the next contestant on Dancing With The Stars?

The long-running dance competition is always searching for hot new talent and big names to draw in viewers. Ryan Seacrest is a household name and would certainly bring the star power the show needs.

As the summer continues, the DWTS casting department is hard at work securing talent for the upcoming season. So is Ryan Seacrest prepared to put on his ballroom shoes?

Ryan Seacrest Proves He Can Dance On American Idol

Over the past several seasons of Dancing With The Stars, there have generally been one or two big names to really draw in viewers. Last year, the show featured singer Jason Mraz and actress Alyson Hannigan.

Could Ryan Seacrest be the big name for Season 33?

Ryan Seacrest from Instagram
Ryan Seacrest/Instagram

ET caught up with the American Idol host, who recently shared a video of his dance moves. The publication noted that he could really move and wanted to know if he had any intentions of joining DWTS soon.

Getting ready to (body) roll on a new episode of #AmericanIdol TONIGHT your IDOL hopefuls will be singing from the Adele songbook & “Songs That Make You Wanna Dance”, with @ciara as mentor and a special performance by @Meghan_Trainor,” Seacrest shared on X.

“I think America’s been waiting for some moves,” the long-time television host shared. “I mean, I’ve had them bottled up. It was time to break out the hips and show they can move a little bit.”

As far as Dancing With The Stars is concerned, Ryan Seacrest admitted he’s keeping his options open.

“I don’t know! Never say never after that, right?” he told ET.

However, the publication noted that he’s also about to take over Pat Sajak’s role on Wheel of Fortune. With his rigorous filming schedule, an appearance on DWTS would be incredibly difficult.

But Let’s Make A Deal host Wayne Brady continued filming his game show while competing on Dancing With The Stars Season 31. Anything is possible!

The TV Host Is A Little Apprehensive About His New Gig

Ryan Seacrest has plenty of hosting experience. However, he also knows that Pat Sajak has some pretty big shoes to fill on Wheel of Fortune. After all, he’s been hosting the show since 1981.

“Well, no one can ever do what Pat has done. He is incredible,” the American Idol host confessed in an interview with PEOPLE. “He has made that show just something so very special for so long, and he has done such a seamless, remarkable job, so no one can be him.”


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“So do I feel pressure? Sure,” Seacrest went on to say. “People love watching him. I want them to keep love watching it, and I hope to do a great job as well.”

Are you excited to catch new episodes of Wheel of Fortune with Ryan Seacrest as the host? Do you hope to also see him join DWTS this fall? Share your ideas in the comments.

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