‘DONDI’ Aron Barbell Reveals If He Would’ve Sent Rob Home

Aron Barbell

Aron Barbell from Deal Or No Deal Island recently revealed if he was planning on sending his righthand man, Boston Rob Mariano home if he beat the banker. Fans have seen the two of them work together from the beginning. However, Boston Rob fans were getting nervous during the last episode when Aron made it seem like he was considering sending Rob home if he beat the banker. Was that actually his plan?

Aron Barbell Talks Working With Boston Rob

Aron Barbell and Boston Rob had worked together since the beginning. Barbell revealed that he was intimidated by Mariano. However, they ended up hitting it off and working together until Aron made a bad deal. 

“But if anyone knows the game it’s Rob. So I was like, it was always in the back of my mind, ‘Is he playing me? Is he playing me?’ So, the alliance I thought was a good idea. I told him, I said, ‘Oh, I don’t know your game too well. I know you because we’re from the same area because word gets around of local guys being on TV.’ Which was kind of not true and I think he realized that pretty fast.”

Regardless, the two of them were the alliance to be scared of.

Aron Barbell
Aron Barbell

Who Would He Have Sent Home?

Aron revealed that Rob was not the person he was going to send home. Stephanie was his true target. 

 The million-dollar question – almost literally. Yeah. I want to joke and be like, ‘It’s Jordan [Fowler]! Jordan!’ No, it was never Jordan. It was going to be Stephanie. It’s crazy because I should never have put myself in that position.”

Some viewers were worried that Aron was going to send Rob home due to the “Night Owls” getting in his head. He seemed unsure when he picked the middle case instead of the lowest. However, he was going to stay loyal to Rob.


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It seems Aron got in his head more than he should have. This led to some bad game decisions. However, he ultimately was going to stand by Rob and send home Stephanie. The other players are catching onto Stephanie’s lies. Will she be the next one to go? Rob and Aron shared an emotional goodbye when Aron made a bad deal. Most viewers are rooting for Rob to take home the final case. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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