Could Boston Rob Mariano Be Done With ‘Deal Or No Deal Island’?

Boston Rob

Boston Rob Mariano seems to be making it seem like his journey could be over on Deal Or No Deal Island. He is a fan favorite on the show. Fans have felt like it was him and Aron Barbell against the rest of the players. They have been able to hold their own, but now it could be the end for one of them. Boston Rob has been a target for a while now, maybe they finally got him out of the game. Maybe it was with the help of Aron.

Boston Rob Mariano Discusses Game Play

Boston Rob Mariano recently discussed his gameplay. 

“I always wanted to have my fate in my own hands, and once I realized [there are] situations that you can get yourself into in this game where effectively you wouldn’t have your fate in your own hands per se, if you’re sitting in the middle and somebody else was playing the banker, they could potentially take you out because you didn’t have immunity. So what I did was I tried to avoid those situations at all costs, and I think anybody else playing this game should be perceptive of their position.”

He has done a good job on the show so far and did a great job on the show, Survivor.

Boston Rob via Instagram

Could This Be The Last Of Rob?

When Boston Rob posted a picture of him and Aron Barbell hugging on Instagram with the caption “Bye Bye” this made fans wonder if one of them got sent home. He captioned the trailer “What’s this all about?”. However, some thought this was just a marketing strategy. 

  •  “Typical TV editing, the kid won’t backstab Rob-he’s to [sic] nice.”
  • “It would be a dumb move cause the ladies would slit his throat in a heartbeat.”
  • “I think Aron will take him as far as he needs to. He’s smarter than you think.”

It is unknown who is the next to go home.

It seems this could just be a networking thing and neither of them go home. This has fans on the edge of their seats. If Boston Rob goes home, the show may lose a lot of viewers. Not many people are fans of the people who are still there besides Aron and Rob. The two have been fighting their way to the end and now, only one may remain. What do you think is going to happen? Sound off in the comments below.

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