‘Deal Or No Deal Island’ Host Almost Got Naked On TV

Joe Manganiello

Deal Or No Deal Island host Joe Manganiello is no stranger to reality television and game shows. He has been recruited to participate in reality television shows. Manganiello even sent in an audition tape to another show. Despite not appearing in either one of those shows, Joe Manganiello has found himself as a host of the revamped Deal Or No Deal Island which airs on NBC.

Joe Manganiello Is A Game Show Freak

Joe Manganiello is a self-proclaimed game show “freak.” It appears the Deal Or No Deal Island host loves games shows and reality television show. This explains why he is now a part of a show that could become as popular as many other reality competition television shows currently being aired.

Only a handful of people would disagree. Both game shows and reality television shows can be great shows to watch. This could be one of the reasons Joe Manganiello has wanted to participate in them.

Deal Or No Deal Island  Wasn’t Joe Manganiello First Choice

Before becoming the host of Deal Or No Deal Island, Joe Manganiello was recruited to be a part of Naked And Afraid. He called it the “baby version” of the popular survivalist show. “They weren’t offering me the 40 or 60-day [version],” he revealed in an interview. “It was like, the baby version where it’s like 12 days or something.” He decided against getting naked on television and left Naked And Afraid to the real survivalists.

Joe Manganiello had his eye on another reality competition television show. The host of Deal Or No Deal Island wanted to be on Survivor. He even went as far as to send in an audition tape.

“There’s a DVD floating around somewhere that is my Survivor audition tape,” he admitted. “But you couldn’t be an actor. I was working construction at the time, the summer in L.A. and so I posed as Joe the construction worker from Pittsburgh. Somewhere there’s me jackhammering and mixing cement.”

Joe Manganiello Wears Beach Trunks [Sofia Vergara | Instagram]
[Sofia Vergara | Instagram]

Deal Or No Deal Island  Has A Survivor Legend

Joe Manganiello may feel like he is on Survivor now though. Deal Or No Deal Island has all sorts of challenges that similar to what is seen on Survivor. In addition to that, Deal Or No Deal Island has Rob Marianna, best known as “Boston Rob” as a contestant.

Boston Rob is not the only person with reality television experience on Deal Or No Deal Island. Claudia Jordan was once on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. She also appeared on the original Deal Or No Deal as one of the “case models.”

“Some of the contestants knew who they were, some didn’t,” Manganiello explained. “It was something that I wanted to make sure that would stay preserved until the contestants figured it out. We wanted to put it in their hands and see how they were going to deal with it. Because at its core, it’s a social experiment.”

Tell us what you think. Did you know Joe Manganiello was a game show freak? Would you have watched Naked And Afraid, if he had been on it? What do you think of Boston Rob being on Deal Or No Deal Island? Sound off in the comment section below.


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