‘Dance Moms’ Stars Cathy And Vivi Stein Give Life Update

Vivi-Anne and Cathy Dance Moms

Dance Moms fans have been dying to know where Cathy Stein and Vivi-Anne Stein are now. The two are known for their rival with the Abby Lee Dance Studio. Cathy is best known for being a Candy Apple. Once the show came to a halt, viewers were dying to know what happened to the two of them. Vivi was young when the show ended. Keep reading to find out more.

Candy Apple Rivalry

Viewers first met Cathy and Vivi when Vivi started taking lessons from Abby Lee Miller. This is ironic because her mother owns a dance studio, Candy Apples. It seems her dance skills were not enough for her or her daughter because they went looking for more. However, Vivi was not utilized on the team much and the two ended up leaving. Ever since then, Cathy and Abby had a rivalry at every dance competition they were both at. Fans got to see major fights between the two where Cathy even hit Abby with her purse. It was never pretty. Where are they now?

The cast of Dance Moms, Lifetime, sourced from YouTube
The cast of Dance Moms, Lifetime, sourced from YouTube

Where Are The Dance Moms Alum Now?

It seems Cathy and Vivi are still doing good. Cathy still runs her dance studio, Candy Apples. This is located in Canton, Ohio. However, Vivi-Anne is now 19 years old. Viewers cannot believe it has been that long since the show. Vivi is a cheerleader at Cleveland State University. This reminds people of another star, Kendall Vertes, who is also on a college team. Fans are dying to know if they will get to see Cathy and Vivi on the reunion show coming out tomorrow. It is unknown for sure, but more than likely they will not be there. It only involves some of the girls from the show as Maddie and Mckenzie Ziegler did not want to participate. Neither did Nia. Are you shocked that Vivi and Cathy have made it this far?

It seems Cathy is still teaching dance, shocker. Vivi even made it to college with her dancing skills. You can find her on TikTok and fans love watching her content. Her mother still looks as rotten as ever but seems to be nicer than she used to be. Abby Lee Miller has been making TikTok’s as well and fans wish they could have seen her on the reunion as well. What do you think about where they are now? Sound off in the comments below.

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