‘The View’ Fans Rage With Disapproval After Seeing Latest Show

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While some surprises can be nice, The View fans were not okay with the network’s latest decisions. Recently, fans expressed their anger over the latest episode that was aired.

Scheduling Shake-Up

Unexpectedly, The View had a major scheduling mix-up that left fans up in arms. When the fans went to watch their regularly scheduled program, they were in for a rude awakening. Unbeknownst to them, the panelists were taking some time off the air. Little did they know, the episode airing was a month-old replay, but fans caught on quickly. Understandably, the sneaky move left many fans raging upon the discovery of the show not being live. Although fans are enraged, the daytime TV network is offering a return date to appease the masses in the meantime.

The View co-hosts-YouTube
The View co-hosts 2024 – YouTube

The View Fans Notice The Bait And Switch

Undeniably, nobody likes sloppy seconds, but The View fans in particular are not having it. Notably, on April 22, an old episode from February featuring Jennifer Lopez was slid into the daytime slot instead of a new one. Crafty as it may be, fans caught the trade-out. After seeing the bait and switch, fans discover that Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Ana Navarro are on “Spring Break” until April 29. Likewise, on Friday, April 19, astute fans noticed the show was a prerecorded new episode. Undeniably, it gave the hosts an early start to their Spring Break. Additionally, according to Entertainment Weekly, the Behind The Table podcast will pause this week as well.

The Network Offers A Schedule During The Absence

However, the network is providing the consolation prize of hand-picked episodes to rerun throughout the week. The View airs weekdays at 10 a.m. CST on ABC.

  • April 23 Tamron Hall
  • April 24 Ice-T and Jim Sciutto
  • April 25 Valerie Bertinelli
  • April 26 Damian and Elizabeth Hurley
The fans feel tricked by The View | YouTube
The fans feel tricked by The View | YouTube

The View Fans Rage With Disapproval Over The Latest Episode

While The View attempted to give a warning, the message didn’t reach everyone. Instead, it was an unwanted shock for some viewers. Undeniably, some fans were angry when their favorite daytime show wasn’t new for the week. Fans used social media to vent their rage and frustrations over the “old news” being aired.

  • “Is #TheView on break this week?”
  • “@TheView @ABC Is The View on vacation today April 22, 2024. I am seeing rerun. #TheView #ABCNY?”
  • “Wait…. Today’s a freakin repeat from February?! #TheView.”
  • “Already saw this. Off to do chores.”
  • “What a gig these women have. More vacation days than you can count. @theview #theview.”
  • “Oh. The View is a repeat.”
  • “Repeat episode. Is The View on Spring Break this week?”

Spring Break Is Going Well For The View Panelists

Although The View fans aren’t happy about reruns instead of new material, the panelists seem to be loving their lives. Without a doubt, Spring Break is treating them well. A few of the panelist gave updates on their Spring Break adventures:

  • While enjoying the sun, Ana Navarro posted on her Instagram from her Florida home. She captions: “My husband, my puppy, and my best friend.” Then the photo shows her holding her dog, Cha Cha. Next to her was husband, Al Cardenas, and her brother-in-law.
Ana Navarro enjoying Florida - Instagram
Ana Navarro enjoying Florida – Instagram
  • Alyssa Farah Griffin and her husband, Justin, took a trip abroad to Italy. She updates fans on Instagram with a series of photos. She captions: “Molto bene,” or “very good.”
Alyssa Farah Griffin in Italy. - Instagram
Alyssa Farah Griffin in Italy. – Instagram
  • Sara Haines also took a break and returned to her Iowa roots. She captions on Instagram: “Iowa will always be my home for so many reasons…”
Sara Haines shares photo from Iowa - Instagram
Sara Haines shares photo from Iowa – Instagram

Are you angry The View is on Spring Break? Did it make you mad the network chose to air reruns? Drop your comments below.

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    1. I guess you live with a cackling hen so know what they sound like, and you must be the henpecked rooster

  1. I get it. I enjoy the panel of hosts collectively. If they need a break to go enjoy other aspects of their lives so be it. When they come back they’ll be rearing to share their thoughtful view points on current events while probably sharing some personal news to us because I believe they feel just as connected to us as we are to them.

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