‘Bachelor’ Alum Daisy Kent Slammed For ‘Cash Grab’

Daisy Kent/Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram

Daisy Kent was one of the favorites on Season 28 of The Bachelor, but now she’s being slammed by fans for a “cash grab.” Why? Keep reading to find out why former fans are unhappy with the reality star.

From Fan Favorite To Disliked

Daisy Kent was a front-runner for Joey Graziadei’s heart from the very beginning. She turned the Bachelor mansion into a scene from a Hallmark movie by rolling up in a red pick-up truck with a Christmas tree in the back. The Minnesota native grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

The contestant further gained headlines with her heart-tugging background story of illness, hearing loss, and hope. Daisy Kent started losing her hearing as a teenager after a battle with Lyme disease. She was implanted with a cochlear implant months before joining Season 28.

Daisy Kent/Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram
Daisy Kent/Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram

Daisy’s vulnerability and openness earned her legions of fans, but viewers began to sour on the account executive later in the season when she held back on expressing her feelings for Joey. She then chose to self-eliminate before the final rose ceremony when it became clear that Joey Graziadei was going to choose Kelsey Anderson.

Some viewers felt Daisy’s actions ruined Kelsey Anderson’s special moment. Things got worse for the Midwesterner when she turned down the opportunity to be the next Bachelorette. The role eventually went to Jenn Tran.

Daisy Kent Slammed For ‘Cash Grab’

So, what is Daisy Kent’s plan after reality TV? She recently made a huge career move by signing with a talent agency. Before appearing on reality TV, The Bachelor contestant gained popularity on TikTok.

It seems she wants to continue building a career as a social media influencer. Daisy posted a giveaway on her Instagram that didn’t go over well with fans. They took to Reddit to call her out for trying to buy social media followers.

Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram
Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram

One fan wrote, “I really liked Daisy. She felt like someone stolen from a Hallmark Snow-globe movie and brought her into our world. But this cheap cash grab? Who told her this was a good idea?”

A lot of Bachelor Nation fans seemed to agree. Check out some of the other comments:

  • Desperate for fame, acclaim, and follower gain.
  • She’s exactly what I thought she was.
  • No one goes on this show to get married. They go to get famous. Maybe marriage is a bonus lol
  • Why would she do this so early on in her career when she’s at the peak of attention?
  • So she’s boring and a scammer?
  • I don’t dislike Daisy or anything, but it’s obvious she’s really wanting the followers.

What do you think of Daisy Kent’s new career as an influencer? Sound off in the comments.

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