How Daisy Kent Really Felt About ‘Bachelorette’ Announcement

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Bachelor contestant Daisy Kent has been opening up more in recent interviews about her time on the show. She’s also been sharing more about her hearing loss. Daisy even shared how she really felt when The Bachelorette announcement was made and it wasn’t her. What did she have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Daisy Kent Reveals True Feelings Toward Bachelorette 

Daisy Kent made Bachelor history when she went to tell Kelsey Anderson that she knew Joey Graziadei was not going to choose her. In another first, these two lovely ladies rode together to the final rose ceremony.

Fans fell in love with Daisy and she became so popular she even flew past Joey’s numbers in social media followers. It was only natural to think that everyone wanted her to be The Bachelorette. They did and so did ABC. Due to the accidental release of an announcement that Daisy was the lead, it confirmed that she changed her mind.

Daisy has since confirmed that it was just two weeks prior to After the Final Rose when she decided she didn’t want to be The Bachelorette. For whatever reason, Maria Georgas also turned down the opportunity. This left Jenn Tran as their next choice. She is currently filming her season.

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Now, Daisy appeared on The Sqeeze podcast where she revealed how she really felt inside when that announcement was made.

It pointed out that there were daisies on the stage with her at After the Final Rose. They told her it was to give one last ditch effort for her to change her mind about being the lead. On stage, she declined once more.

Now, looking back, Daisy says, “I did wonder though, I did question when it was announced how I was going to feel. And I just felt relieved. And I think I felt relieved too because the show was over, everyone knew what actually happened. … I just felt a weight lifted off of me, I was like, ‘I can breathe again.’”

Why Did She Turn It Down?

Daisy Kent also shared again why she turned down the opportunity to be The Bachelorette. A huge part of that decision for her was her health.

She previously told Nick Viall, “There’s, like, a few reasons. One is my health is an aspect of it and I knew as the lead, it’s a lot on you — not only emotionally but also physically. You’re up super late, it’s nonstop and I talked to a lot of past leads when [the show] was in talks with me and I just knew from a health point it would be a lot.”

Daisy hasn’t ruled out doing a dating reality show in the future.

What do you think about Daisy feeling relieved she was not The Bachelorette?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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