James McCoy Taylor Being Blackmailed, Reveals Shocking Truth

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Bachelor alum James McCoy Taylor shared shocking news with fans on Instagram Tuesday afternoon. He has allegedly been blackmailed regarding the time he spent with a well-known person’s daughter. He decided to reveal the information himself rather than paying up or letting the accuser send the story to TMZ. Keep reading to find out more about this wild story.

James McCoy Taylor Reveals Shocking Truth Behind Blackmail

James McCoy Taylor went to Instagram Tuesday afternoon to share shocking news with fans. He revealed he was blackmailed over the time he spent with a married woman. What is his side of the story?

On Instagram, James shared three photos of himself with Kristen Saban. Two they are standing by each other. The other they are kissing. He started his post by saying, “I’ll get right to the point – around 2 months ago I flew out to Birmingham to see Kristen Saban, yes Nick Saban’s daughter. She picked me up and we drove to Tuscaloosa.”

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James continued his story by saying, “Three days later she tells me she’s still married and living with her husband. I was shocked and pissed that this wasn’t made known to me before I came to visit. I verbalized that to Kristen. She said she thought it was respectful to tell me in person… I told her this isn’t a break up. This can and should be done on the phone.”

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They ended things there and he flew back home to Houston. They don’t speak anymore. However, James said he got a message from someone that they had photos and proof that he was with Kristen and would release the information to TMZ if James did not pay them money.

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The Deadline Is Tomorrow

James McCoy Taylor went on to share that the deadline is tomorrow. He said, “Tomorrow’s my deadline to decide so I started consolidating some cash to pay, I thought about doing nothing and calling his / her bluff… I thought about a lot but decided to go the Eminem route and call myself out on my terms with the truth instead of letting someone else twist it.”

He reiterated he did not know she had a husband. James also shared that Nick Saban knew because he called her upset on their way back to Birmingham. She had shared with James that the phone call was about them and people taking photos.

James also wished nothing but the best for Kristen and the Saban family. He hopes all good will come of this and asks everyone to have mercy on all involved.


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James also said he decided to reveal the truth himself rather than the media twisting things.

What do you think about this wild story about James McCoy Taylor and Nick Saban’s daughter? Do you think he did the right thing by sharing it all first?

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