‘Bachelor’ Daisy Kent’s Act Of Kindness Touches Fan

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Bachelor contestant Daisy Kent reached out to a fan with a huge act of kindness. She became a huge fan favorite during Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor. She gained more followers than the lead himself. Plus, she made history with her actions at the end of the show. Now, she is ditching memories while doing a good deed. What did she do? Keep reading to find out more.

Daisy Kent Touches Fan

Daisy Kent made Bachelor history when she went to winner Kelsey Anderson’s room prior to the final rose ceremony. She spoke with Kelsey and told her that she knew Joey Graziadei was going to pick Kelsey and not her. In yet another first, Daisy and Kelsey rode to the final rose ceremony together, holding hands.

Daisy went first being the runner-up and she broke up with Joey before he had the chance to break up with her. Then, she really shocked the world when she told Joey she didn’t want him to walk her out. She left on her own.

Kelsey then went to see Joey after his meltdown and he professed his love to her and proposed. The two are still engaged today.

Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube

As for Daisy, she looked stunning in her plunging, figure-fitting red gown for the final rose ceremony. She didn’t win and she’s ready to move on so, she decided to give the dress to a fan. Daisy mailed Kate the dress through social media.

Kate went to TikTok to share a duet of her and Daisy. On one side, Kate is wearing the gown and in the other Daisy is wearing it as well.

Kate captioned her TikTok saying, “Thanks queen.” It’s not clear how she was the lucky recipient of the gown.


#duet with @Daisy Kent #thebachelor

♬ When the Party’s Over – Cimorelli

Fans Showed Their Support

Fans went to the comments to show their support for Kate. One fan noted, “We need to keep it going…sisterhood of the traveling dress.”

Others noted how stunning Kate looked. Another fan said, “AH I LOVE THIS IS LEGENDARY.”

Still, another said, “ICONIC QUEEN YES THIS IS YOUR MOMENT” There were tons of other comments pretty much expressing the same.

Daisy Kent via Instagram 4

Daisy got everyone’s attention with her Instagram story holding the dress and asking who needed a gown for prom. Kate was the lucky recipient.

What do you think of Daisy being so generous to her fans? Do you think she was right to give it away?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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