Tyler Cameron Won’t Be At Hannah Brown’s Wedding, Why?

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Former Bachelorette lead Hannah Brown became engaged to Adam Woolard in August last year, but Tyler Cameron won’t be at the wedding. They are still friends, so why won’t the ABC alum be there to celebrate her special day? Read on to find out his reasoning for his decision.

Tyler Cameron & Hannah Brown Were Not Meant To Be

ABC fans were completely shocked when Hannah Brown sent Tyler home in favor of Jed Wyatt. She dumped Jed after discovering that he allegedly cheated on his girlfriend, and she invited Tyler for a date. Nothing long-term came of it, and he went off to date Gigi Hadid. Although the Bachelorette stars remained friends, they didn’t develop a relationship deeper than that.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron - The bachelorette - ABC YouTube
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron – The Bachelorette – ABC YouTube

Through the years, ABC fans always hoped that Tyler Cameron and Hannah would hook up permanently. Even in 2024, fans still hope for a miracle, despite her engagement to Adam Woolard. That came when the news arrived that she would appear in Tyler’s new Amazon Prime show, Going Home With Tyler Cameron.

Not Going To Be At Hannah Brown’s Wedding

When Hannah and Adam tie the knot, her ex-contestant from The Bachelorette will not be there. Actually, that would make sense for most people, but she and Tyler remain very good friends. Still, that’s not enough to budge his stance on it. The Sun reported that he told them about it when he promoted a partnership recently.

Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard - Instagram
Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard – Instagram

The outlet cited Tyler Cameron as saying that he didn’t get an “invite” and he doesn’t expect to get one. He elaborated, saying:

My invite is not in the mail and it’s probably not coming as it shouldn’t be. I think a lot of people have asked me that question and I think exes shouldn’t be going to your wedding. I just don’t think that’s a good idea for anybody.

At the moment, the hunky thirst trap is suspected to be dating someone from Jupiter in Florida where he lives. These days, he lookd for a life partner who wants a quiet life with a family. He sees a future for himself where he coaches the kids at sports and they don’t hang out in private planes and luxury yachts.

After The Bachelorette, Tyler Cameron dated a series of models, and he felt that as he modeled as well, he would find a connection. However, he seemed to be looking in the wrong place. As time went by, especially after the death of his mom, he hankered for a more family-oriented life.

What are your thoughts about Tyler Cameron staying away from Hannah Brown’s wedding? Do you agree that exes shouldn’t be there? Shout out in the comments below and come back here for all your Bachelorette news.

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