Tyler Cameron Talks Wanting Hannah Brown Back After Reunion

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Tyler Cameron first met Hannah Brown during her season of The Bachelorette. They hit it off and many fans believed they were perfect together. However, she chose Jed Wyatt over Tyler. That relationship ended quickly and badly when it came out that he had another girlfriend. Hannah tried to reconnect with Tyler but it didn’t work out. They have reached out to one another on multiple occasions and now after their latest reunion, Tyler is talking about wanting her back again. What did he say? Keep reading to find out more.

Tyler Cameron Dishes On Hannah Brown Reunion

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown continue to be a part of each other’s lives. They have reconnected many times over the years. She was there for him when his mother unexpectedly passed away. They were locked down together during COVID-19. Plus, he’s reached out to her for advice on different occasions.

One of those occasions was right before he went on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. He wanted her advice but sadly she didn’t answer. However, knowing she completed this difficult course made him push harder and it helped get him through the process.

Now, Tyler launched his own reality series, Going Home With Tyler Cameron. The series can be seen on Amazon Prime and as an added bonus, Tyler once more reached out to Hannah for help.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via Instagram
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron

He wanted Hannah Brown to come be a part of his new show. He needed a designer and knew she used to do that line of work. So, he reached out and she accepted. In the preview, fans can see her greeting him as he approaches her.

Tyler admits that there is chemistry between him and Hannah. He told TV Insider, “It’s fun because there’s energy between us for sure. I remember one time we were filming, and we’re at the Treasure Coast Tile, we’re there with Dan and Karen, and she’s going over through all these things. I’m just kind of sitting there smiling and laughing, like, look at Hannah over here designing and working hard and all this stuff. And she turns over [to say], ‘Quit laughing. What are you laughing at it?’ I was like, ‘My bad, Hannah. There’s the beast again.’”


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He Would Like Her Back Again

Tyler Cameron also talked about reuniting with Hannah Brown again in the future. She is engaged and her romance with Tyler didn’t work but they are forever friends and do like working together.

Tyler isn’t opposed to having Hannah back on his show if he gets a Season 2. He believes they are there to support each other and they do still keep in touch. He has previously mentioned how much his late mother loved her.

Tyler said, “Maybe there’s more projects to do together like this. I think she’d be a great addition to the team.”

What do you think about Hannah and Tyler working together?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. I love them together and their chemistry is undeniable. They mesh very well together and I wish them all the happiness (albeit not in a romantic manner).

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