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Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield might be the most disliked cast member on TLC, but he did build a massive mansion for his family. If you’re not aware, he’s a contractor, and the home is listed for just under $2 million. However, not many fans like the home despite its amazing size.

Garrick And Dannielle Merrifield Bought Some Land In 2021

After Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, when Roberta and Garrick tried to make a baby, the news arrived that they purchased some land in Colorado. they paid $57,500. Garrick and Dannielle planned for a two-story, 3900-square-foot home. They also had a budget to build it of $160K. A separate garage was added at the cost of $20K. Well, Roberta never lived in the home because she skedaddled and the Merrifields claimed she owed them money.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoiler Garrick Merrifield - Roberta - Dannielle
Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield, Roberta – Instagram

Garrick Merrifled owns a building company named Merrifield Custom Builders & Landscaping. So, constructing a dream home wasn’t a huge problem. If you don’t know, the man who believes God wants him to have lots of wives is worth about half a million dollars. Of course, net worth is calculated by adding all assets and removing money owed. If the TLC star gets the asking price for his massive mansion, that might increase substantially.

Peeking Inside The Amazing Mansion

On Facebook, a Seeking Sister Wife fan shared a photo and a link to the listing that revealed the TLC star listed his home for $1,998,000. The Zillow photos revealed that it is indeed massive inside. In the caption, the fan wrote:

This is Danielle & Garrick’s house listing on Zillow. He’s a contractor. The concrete pads and sidewalks are heated as is the garage.

Garrick Merrifield's Mansion - Zillow Via Facebook
Garrick Merrifield’s Mansion – Zillow Via Facebook

In the comments, TLC fans had a bit of a joke about the heated garage:

  • Well of course the garage is heated. That [is] where they wait for God [to] talk to them about women.
  • they felt a warmth though! It must have been God, not the heat.
Seeking Sister Wife - The Heated Garage - Zillow
Seeking Sister Wife – The Heated Garage – Zillow

Many people felt that the Seeking Sister Wife home seemed too big, and rather bland considering the effort that went into it. The kitchen area is open plan adjoining the dining area and a sitting room.

The Kitchen Area - Zillow
The Kitchen Area – Zillow
An Open Plan home By Garrick Merrifield - Zillow
An Open Plan Home By Garrick Merrifield – Zillow

One commenter said about the Merrifield’s mansion, “That house is soooo boring” living area seems never-ending and is designed for a lot of people to enjoy. As Garrick Merrifield wants about five wives, they will need the space and the bedrooms.

Plenty of space of a polygamous family - Zillow
Plenty of space for a polygamous family – Zillow

More Comments from Seeking Sister Wife Fans

Other comments about the mansion and the family dynamics of the TLC stars rolled in:

  • They seriously need an interior decorator!!!
  • Lots of beds and tv’s.
  • “mother in law suite” 😂 I guess on Zillow they couldn’t name the room what it really was intended for.
Bedrooms in the home - Zillow
Bedrooms in the home – Zillow
A bedroom for two or more - Zillow
A bedroom for two or more – Zillow

To be fair, not everyone hated the giant mansion that Garrick Merrifield built. However, they felt puzzled about why he and Dannielle Merrifield were selling it:

  • nice house!!! Why are they moving out of this big, beautiful home and what does he do for a living again? lol
  • They just built it, why are they selling?
A bathroom for the Seeking Sister Wife family - Zillow
A bathroom for the Seeking Sister Wife family – Zillow

What are your thoughts about the massive mansion that Garrick Merrifield built? Do you love it? Or do you think it seems a bit bland and in need of some interior designer’s help? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Seeking Sister Wife news.

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