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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Garrick & Dannielle Merrifield Still Together, Building New House?

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Are Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield still together after the Season 3 Seeking Sister Wife finale? It appears that way as the duo purchased two acres of land last April. In September, Dannielle’s name was added to the deed. The land was purchased just two months after the couple’s divorce was finalized.

The Merrifields Seeking Sister Wife Long Journey

When viewers first met Garrick and Dannielle, they were preparing to officially divorce. They explained how they met Roberta from Brazil on a polygamist dating site. Though not raised in polygamy, Garrick had felt a calling a few years prior. He believed it would bring him closer to God. Upon presenting this idea to Dannielle, she prayed on it and agreed. It was the first plural relationship for all three.

After chatting for a while, the Merrifields flew to Mexico along with their two sons to meet Bert and her mother. On night two, Garrick proposed and the newly engaged duo consummated their relationship. When the Merrifields returned home, the two claimed their marriage was irretrievably broken. They soon returned to Mexico to reunite with Bert. This time, Garrick spent all eight nights in bed with his fiancee.

Dannielle battled jealousy which Garrick hoped God would deliver her from. COVID soon hit and Roberta got the virus. She had to find respite at her cousin’s home, making communication very rough. Facing this caused Garrick and Bert to change their wedding plans. They decided to return to Mexico with the sole purpose of making a baby. The whole family joined them on the procreation vacation and that’s where the season ended.

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Are The Merrifields Still Together?

There has been much speculation if the Seeking Sister Wife couple has called it quits. They are not featured on each other’s social media. Dannielle has also allegedly been with another man. Fans want Dannielle to leave Garrick behind. However, with the way The Sun is reporting the building of their new home, it appears they are very much one big happy family.

The Buena Vista, Colorado land was purchased for $57,500. Permits were filed to build a two-story, 3900 square foot home for over $160K. Additionally, they filed permits for a 1020 square foot detached garage for over $20K. There were also driveway permits filed. No word on whether or not Roberta will be joining the family in the home or why the need for the upgrade.

Unfortunately, there will not be a tell-all or a follow-up to the season finale. Hopefully, the cast can now speak up and give insight as to where they are at. Do you think the couple is still together? Has Roberta joined them hence the upgrade? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Garrick Merrifield is a real sleezebag of a man.
    I’m wondering why he has that crazy look on his face when he’s asked why he’s got the need to get Roberta P. pregnant after knowing her for such a short period of time. He looks like they are speaking to him in a language he doesn’t know. Then when he finally answered it was just “Uh-huh, sure sure.”
    Does he have an IQ of 20? Sure seemed like it to me.
    After seeing how easy it was for him to divorce Danielle and not show her any kind of compassion when anyone with a brain could see her obvious distress, just shows you what a narcissist he is.
    He is disgusting and a real A$$HOLE.

  2. “it appears they are very much one big happy family.”
    >1020 square foot detached garage

    You know damn good and well Dannielle is gonna be living in that “garage”. That’s a casita and bigger than most people’s apartment, lmao! They aren’t happy, and they’re definitely being single.

    Plus, nobody needs 1k sq ft for a car. That’s enough space for 8+ cars, given you can fit 6 into about 800.

  3. Whole heartedly agree with coyote girl!
    Years ago I was married to a piece of crap just like Garrick he even looked like him , “closer to God” he says my A!
    They’ll f…. Anything and any body! In my time they where called sex addicts not polygamist! The difference now is, that on top if his problem Garrick enjoys hurting Danielle! I thing she agreed to this set up in order to keep him happy because she loves him hopefully we can soon say she LOVED him once upon a time…
    Any if the other husbands in this series as far as I have seen, has considered their wife’s feelings and even tho some had lied at times, they’ve had tried to cover or hide their missteps bit to hurt their wives NOT Garrick! He’s got no consideration conscience or decency HE IS A DOG!

  4. I hope there is another season of Merrifields (seeking sister wives). I’d love to see Garrick shoved out of the family. He really is a pervert and uses God to justify his needs.

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