‘Bachelorette’ Gabby Windey Reveals Anniversary Plans

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Gabby Windey appeared in Season 26 of The Bachelor and she later took the lead as the Bachelorette in Season 19, but she came out in August last year and soon, she and Robby Hoffman will celebrate their first anniversary together. On social media, she also opened up about her regrets of not meeting her love sooner.

Gabby Windey & Robby Hoffman Are Still Together

Most Bachelor Nation fans seem to have gotten used to Erich Schwer’s ex being gay. Initially, they felt shocked because, on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there were no hints of any yearning to date a same-sex lover. However, after the ABC star watched Perfect Match on Netflix she decided that she had bisexual leanings.

Gabby Windey, Robby Hoffman - Instagram (1)
Gabby Windey, Robby Hoffman – Instagram

Gabby Windey and Robby Hoffman seem well-suited and they already talked about marriage and whether they hope to raise children. As time went by, Bachelor Nation fans saw them develop a passionate relationship. Not afraid to display some PDA, some ABC critics claim that she’s an attention seeker. However, it seems that she seriously plans a future with her girlfriend. At the moment, she looks forward to their first anniversary together.

Robby Hoffman & Her Girl Will Celebrate An Anniversary

Bachelor Nation reported that this week, the former Bachelorette star mentioned her first anniversary and her plans to celebrate it. Actually, she’s recently been shouting out her new podcast called Long Winded. And there, she hopes to talk more about the dynamics of being gay. However, she still does Q&As on Instagram stories.

Long Winded With Gabby Windey Podcast - Instagram
Long Winded With Gabby Windey Podcast – Instagram

Gabby Windey answered several questions, and one of them was about whether she wished she’d met Robby sooner. To that question, she replied, “OMG yes! All the time!!! But Robby says she doesn’t because I wouldn’t have worked through all my crazy yet haha!”

Another Bachelorette fan asked how long the couple had been dating. However, she didn’t reveal the exact length of time. Nevertheless, she did talk about their first anniversary. She said:

Our one year anniversary is coming up! We’re spending it in Montreal, which is her hometown!

Plugging her new podcast, she told her followers that they could find out much more by tuning in. You can see one of her earlier podcasts down below. Be patient with her if you can, as she admitted that she needed a lot of help with doing it, as she’s still a bit of a novice.

What are your thoughts about Gabby Windey wishing she had met Robby Hoffman sooner? Are you happy that things seem to be going well between them and that they are planning a special trip to Montreal for their first anniversary? Did you tune in and listen to her new podcast yet? Shout out in the comments below and come back here often for all your Bachelor Nation news.

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