Gabby Windey Credits Netflix For Bi-Sexual Relationship

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Not long ago, Gabby Windey revealed that after her time on The Bachelorette, she is dating a girl. While this came as a shock to many fans, Gabby is starting to reveal exactly how long this has been going on and how she got here. Turns out, she may have been influenced by a show on Netflix. Keep reading to find out what she means.

Gabby Windey inspired by Netflix

Earlier this summer, Gabby Windey had jaws dropping as she revealed on The View that she was actually seeing a girl. Of course, Gabby was one of the leading women on The Bachelorette, so everyone had assumed she was straight. Especially after she left the show with a man on her arm. However, that’s not at all the case. Now she’s opening up on how this all started.

Gabby Windey

According to USA Today Gabby reveals that this wasn’t a surprise to her. There have been signs that she has been interested in both men and women since she was a little girl. She also explains that when she would end friendships with some of her girlfriends, it really felt more like a romantic breakup than one you might have with just a close friend. Of course, eventually, these feelings took over and she let her curiosity win. However, one thing pushed her over the edge and got her to the point of exploration.

The Bachelor Nation star watched Perfect Match on Netflix where she got to see a bi-sexual storyline play out right on reality TV between Francesca and Abbey. It turns out, she could relate and decided that she needed to explore these feelings more.

“The show had an openly bi, lesbian storyline with Francesca and Abbey, and it seemed just very genuine. Something inside of me could relate, and I thought, ‘Maybe I need to explore this,'” she reveals.

Of course, that worked out great for her as she now has her girlfriend, Hoffman. Gabby has made it abundantly clear she is very happy to be with her girlfriend.


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‘Never dating men again’

Apparently, the relationship is going so well in fact, she isn’t really sure she would ever go back to dating men if things with Hoffman don’t work out. Gabby says that with a girlfriend, she feels really emotionally connected. Of course, that’s very important to her in a relationship.

“I just know after dating women, I don’t think I would ever date a man again. I feel so emotionally connected to my girlfriend and that’s what’s most important for me,” Gabby says.

Were you shocked to see former Bachelorette Gabby Windey dating a girl? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite Bachelor Nation members.

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