‘Bachelorette’ Will ‘Baby Gay’ Gabby Windey Date Men Again?

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Gabby Windey starred in The Bachelorette and gave her rose to Erich Schwer, however, they split and she came out as lesbian, but will she date men again? Still A “baby gay,” she seems to have decided on that already. Additionally, she revealed what sparked her interest in exploring her options with same-sex partners.

Bachelorette Gabby Windey & Erich Schwer Split And New Rumors Started

Just over a year ago, speculation about Erich and his woman splitting was squashed by Reality Steve. ABC fans saw him say, “They work through it and are together today.” However, it wasn’t clear that they were engaged. For a while longer, the status quo seemed to be stable and people assumed they might tie the knot, Anyway, she eventually broke it off, and the news was confirmed in November of last year.

Lots of people felt sad about the splitting news but soon new rumors about Gabby Windey sprang up.  She headed off to join Dancing with the Stars. There, fans were convinced that she found love while she was in the competition.  Many rumors sprang up and were thoroughly discussed on social media. ABC fans decided she secretly dated pro-dancer, Alan Bersten. Mind you, that always happens and at one time, fans felt Hannah Brown should hook up with him.

Gabby Windey Came Out As A Lesbian In August

After Dancing with the Stars, the ABC alum dated a woman found via the Raya dating app. Oddly enough, fans had no idea about that at the time. Therefore, when they saw her holding hands with someone, they presumed she had soft-launched a new boyfriend. However, to their surprise, when on The View, the former Bachelorette star came out as gay.

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Fans of Gabby Windey were not expecting that as after DWTS she still appeared to be single, In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, she revealed that she watched “Perfect Match on Netflix.” That made the 32-year-old decide that perhaps she was looking for love with the wrong gender. She told the outlet,“[The] lesbian storyline with Francesca and Abbey…seemed just very genuine. Something inside of me could relate, and I thought, Maybe I need to explore this.”

Will She Date Men Again?

Gabby Windey talked about her special relationship with her new girlfriend, Robby Hoffman. While they grow their relationship, she did mention that in the lesbian world, some people seem a bit skeptical because “baby gays” are viewed with some suspicion. However, it’s genuine for the former Bachelorette. She said, “…honestly, after meeting her, I need to spread the good word of what it’s like to actually meet somebody who you spend your whole life wanting to meet.”

Talking about dating men again, she firmly replied, “I don’t think I would ever date a man again.”

What do you think of Gabby Windey from the ABC franchise who was inspired to explore her lesbian sexuality after watching Perfect Match on Netflix? Are you surprised that she probably won’t date men again? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new updates about the cast of The Bachelorette.

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