Reporter Apologizes For Inappropriate Comments To Caitlin Clark

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The Indiana Fever introduced Caitlin Clark as their newest superstar, but things didn’t go as smoothly as one might hope. One reporter who covered the event said something to the basketball star that he admitted later was highly “inappropriate.” He has since apologized, but many fans are not letting it go.

Here is what the reporter said and how the fans reacted to the comment.

Reporter Makes Heart-Shaped Hand Sign To Caitlin Clark

When the Indiana Fever introduced Caitlin Clark as their new first-round draft pick, it celebrated her arrival into professional athletics. The idea is that Clark will become one of the most impactful women in the WNBA and might shine a light on the women’s league. However, one moment during her press conference was inappropriate and uncomfortable.

Caitlin Clark / YouTube

Clark has a hand sign she does when she is playing basketball. She puts her hands together, forming a heart, while playing on the court. Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel asked Caitlin about the heart-shaped hand gesture. She asked if he “liked that,” and he said, “I like that you’re here.” Caitlin then explained she makes the gesture to her family after games.

However, that is when things went downhill. Doyel said, “Start doing it to me and we’ll get along just fine.” Doyle also formed his hands into the same gesture. That is when social media began to ramp up and fans called him out for the exchange. While Caitlin signaling a heart to her family is sweet, a reporter doing it to her with these comments rubbed fans the wrong way.

  • What Gregg Doyle did wasn’t just sexist, creepy, inappropriate, and unprofessional – it was also brazenly selfish.”
  • Get Gregg Doyle away from Caitlin Clark immediately.”
  • I just watched the clip of Gregg Doyle and Caitlin Clark and her introductory press conference and I cringed so hard I almost died.”

Gregg Doyle Apologizes For His ‘Inappropriate’ Comments

That wasn’t the only comment that Gregg Dolyle made about Caitlin Clark that was deemed wrong. he also asked head coach Christie Sides, “You just got the keys to that, what are you gonna do with it?” The “that” and “it” referred to Clark as a player.

In an apology column for the Indianapolis Star, Doyle wrote that, “in my uniquely oafish way, while welcoming @CaitlinClark22 to Indy, I formed my hands into her signature 🫶. My comment afterward was clumsy and awkward. I sincerely apologize. Please know my heart (literally and figuratively) was well-intentioned. I will do better.”

However, many fans on social media didn’t accept that and many thought it was just Doyle saying it is just how he is. He also said that he was “part of the problem,” referring to the stigma of men’s harmful actions and words toward women’s sports.

Fans started delving into past Doyle columns and saw more inappropriate comments, including a 2010 column about LeBron James that mentioned “masturbation, gang bangs, and oral sex” (via Us Weekly).

What are your thoughts on his comments to Caitlin Clark and his eventual apology? Let us know in the comments below.

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