How Rich Is ‘Basketball Wives’ Brandi Maxiell?


Basketball Wives fans have come to know Brandi Maxiell as a strong entrepreneur who has been an on and off again cast member. Despite being married to a pro-basketball player, she has created her own brand. Therefore, she is rich in her own right. Just how much money does the mother and reality star have? Here is the answer.

Introducing Basketball Wives And Brandi Maxiell

The popular reality series first hit VH1 in 2010. It followed the lives of ladies who were linked to basketball stars. There were two incarnations of the series, one in California and one in Florida. After a certain point, it appeared the series was canceled but it was ultimately merged together and rebranded as one show. Brandi made a quick cameo in the very beginning which made sense as she’s married to Jason Maxiell. Yet she did not become a permanent fixture on the LA version until Season 3. She lasted through the end and then was just a “friend of” for the beginning of the reincarnation.


Finally, for the new season, Brandi returned as a full-time cast member. She had a lot to talk about as a cast member as she had battled ovarian cancer so this made her extremely relatable. Fans truly liked who she was as a person and they felt inspired by her story. They also got to understand how she became a successful businesswoman on her own. Yes, she had a rich and famous husband but that did not bring her to where she is today. So, exactly what has she done to amass such a fortune, and what is that fortune? It is a lot and she has done quite well for herself.

Show Me The Money

Of course, having a rich and powerful husband does not hurt by any means. It has allowed Brandi to be on a show like Basketball Wives and further her platform. However, there is a lot more to her than just Jason. According to Meaww, this is how Brandi became a successful entrepreneur. First off, she owns a high-end salon in Texas, Midway Salon & Suites. There, they rent out 31 suites for approximately $165/week. That’s just the low end of it all.


Additionally, she has her own cosmetics line which undoubtedly sells well at her salon and on her social media pages. Of course, she gets paid for endorsement deals and things along those lines. Finally, she gets a paycheck for being on the show so in the end, how rich is Brandi? It is estimated that she is worth $2.5 million dollars. That’s a lot of glam.

Are you shocked she is worth that much on her own? Let us know and watch Basketball Wives Mondays on VH1.

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