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Former Bachelor lead Colton Underwood married Jordan Brown in May last year in California, and at the moment they are planning their first wedding anniversary. He recently opened up about life as a married couple, and it seems things are going well for them. Read on to find out more about their celebrations.

Colton Underwood Opened Up Before His Wedding

In 2019, as the Bachelor lead, he seemed uncertain and tormented. Recall, that the ABC star ran away after jumping the fence. Later, things didn’t work out between him and Cassie Randolph. When he came out, he did it publically on Good Morning America. He claimed that he wasn’t 100 percent gay, but he was gay enough to marry Jordan last year.

Jordan Brown and Colton Underwood via INstagram
Jordan Brown and Colton Underwood via Instagram

Colton Underwood and Jordan Brown hope to raise a family, but they experience some issues with fertility. The former Bachelor star wanted to share their fertility journey, so they started a podcast about it. He did that to bring awareness of the struggles that same-sex couples experience. But for now, his mind turns to their first anniversary after he appeared in The Masked Singer.

What Will The Bachelor Alum Do On His Wedding Anniversary?

Following The Masked Singer, the ABC star spoke with People. Talking about his first year of marriage, he said that Jordan Brown was a great “sounding board” as they navigated their semi-private relationship. Both of them strive to be “role models,” so, complete privacy isn’t possible.

Colton Underwood on The Masked Singer 2024 - YouTube
Colton Underwood on The Masked Singer 2024 – YouTube

Colton Underwood said he wants to keep his first wedding anniversary “traditional.” The ABC star elaborated a bit more, saying:

We’re following the traditional anniversary. I think [the] first year’s paper, so our gifts are going to be paper this year, whatever that means. I have to do some homework on exactly what I’m getting him…We are doing a little romantic trip back up to Big Sur where we got engaged and we’re going to exchange our paper gifts.

Of course, if the chance comes along for them to welcome a child, the couple also plans to take a romantic “babymoon.” Next, the Bachelor alum talked about how he and Jordan just seemed right together. Intuitively, he knew that he’d found the right partner for himself. He added, “I’ve never been more sure about something.” What was one of the first things he noticed about Jordan? Well, it was his caring attitude towards his “friends and his family, [and] that speaks volumes.”

What are your thoughts on Colton Underwood and Jordan sticking with something traditional on their first wedding anniversary? Are you happy that they found each other?  Shout out in the comments below and come back here for all your Bachelor news.

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