‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Goes Deeper Into Fertility Struggles

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Bachelor Colton Underwood and husband Jordan C. Brown are trying to start their family. However, they have discovered some fertility issues that have slowed down the process. Colton is going to document their journey on a new podcast called Daddyhood. The podcast launched today and Colton is going deeper into their struggles and how it’s going. Keep reading to find out more.

Colton Underwood Gives Huge Update On Fertility Struggles

Colton Underwood always wanted to be a father as does his husband Jordan C. Brown. The former Bachelor decided to start up a new podcast to document their journey to becoming a father. People caught up with Colton to discuss the new podcast and how his journey to becoming a father is coming.

Colton said, “It was one of the things that bonded us early on. We both wanted to be dads. I was very vocal on that. It’s a traditional sort of part of my life that I really wanted to hold onto — I wanted to have a family. And just figuring out next steps and stages was sort of a mystery to us until it wasn’t. I realized early on, nobody talks about this. There’s no resources, there’s no books, there’s no guide. You sort of get tossed into the fire.”

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While Colton likes being an open book, his spouse Jordan tends to be more private. So, he went back and forth on whether or not he wanted to share their struggles on a podcast.

He shared they have been on their fertility journey for two years now. After all this time and going through a lot, Colton and Jordan have embryos made and frozen. They are currently going through genetic testing with their surrogate.

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What Issues Did The Couple Face?

Colton Underwood revealed that when he and Jordan went to the clinic for testing he never imagined he would face a problem. Jordan’s sperm count came back great while Colton’s did not. In fact, he had four and three were not moving.

They spoke with the doctor who gave him reasons why a sperm count can decrease. As it turns out, Colton was doing just about everything the doctor said was bad for sperm production.

Colton had to make some lifestyle changes in order to see if he could bring his sperm count up. Jordan did it with him and Colton praised him for his support.

After three months, Colton went for another test and found his sperm count to be rising. At six months his counts were high enough that he could freeze his sperm.

Now, he’s back to his original lifestyle which includes hot tubs, saunas and baths.

Their Future Family

Colton shared that when it comes to their embryos, they did half of his sperm and half of Jordan’s. They told the doctors they didn’t want to know which was theirs. In their eyes they are family and that’s it. Bioligical doesn’t matter to them.

Now, they wait for testing to be complete to begin the process of embryo transfer to their surrogate.

Colton and Jordan will be celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary in May. Perhaps they will have more good news to share with fans soon.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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