Colton Underwood Talks Struggle To Conceive Child With Husband

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Bachelor Nation viewers watched former football player Colton Underwood struggle to find love on multiple shows in the franchise. While his season of The Bachelor didn’t end in an engagement, he dated his final choice, Cassie Randolph, for over a year. They announced their split in May 2020. A few months later, she made some shocking allegations against the reality star.

In April 2021, Colton Underwood revealed his shocking truth: he’s gay. Now he’s ready to be a dad with his husband, Jordan C. Brown. But it’s not as easy as he thought it would be. The reality star opened up about his struggle to conceive a child with his husband.

Colton Underwood Talks Struggle To Conceive Child With Husband

Colton Underwood is clearly no stranger to sharing an inside look at his life with the world. He filmed his coming out journey for the Coming Out Colton Netflix docuseries.

He got engaged to political strategist Jordan C. Brown in 2022. The couple will celebrate their first wedding anniversary in May of this year.

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Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown/Credit: Colton Underwood Instagram

Now that he’s happily married, Colton Underwood is ready to be a father. But he’s found that it’s not as simple or as easy as he thought it would be.

The issues began from the very first visit to the fertility clinic. “I got my sperm results back, and I had four sperm. Three of them were dead. One was barely moving in my sample. It was one of those things where [I was] considered technically infertile,” he confessed to Parents magazine.

The reality star admitted feeling “shame” over the poor test results. However, the couple isn’t giving up on their dream to start a family.

Launches Podcast To Follow Journey To Fatherhood

Colton Underwood plans to involve fans in every step of the journey to parenthood. In partnership with the non-profit Family Equality, Colton and his husband have started a podcast to discuss the struggles LGBTQ+ people face in becoming parents.

The first episode of Daddyhood will premiere on Wednesday, February 21.

Credit: Colton Underwood Instagram

Bachelor Nation Reacts

Colton Underwood has been a controversial figure in the Bachelor Nation franchise, especially after his breakup with Cassie Randolph.

However, his Instagram post about the podcast was met with mainly positive responses. Check out what fans had to say about the possibility of Colton becoming a dad:

  • The evolution of this man is something beautiful. Any child of yours will surely blossom with such an insightful, gracious and grounded parent. I’m rooting for you all
  • You’ll make a great Dad Colton!
  • I’m so excited about this !!!! Thank you for taking us on this journey !
  • Yass! It’s quite a complicated process for us lgbt folks! I’d love an episode on second parent adoption and legal ways to protect your family (but not only for the state of CA)

Are you excited to follow Colton and his husband’s journey to fatherhood? Will you listen to the podcast? Sound off in the comments.

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