Rachel Recchia Blames ‘BIP’ Cancellation On ‘Stupid’ Season 9

Rachel Recchia/Credit: ABC YouTube

Bachelor Nation star Rachel Recchia blames BIP cancellation on ‘stupid’ Season 9. What went wrong on her season of the show? Keep reading for her thoughts on the spinoff.

Bachelor In Paradise Put On Pause?

Bachelor In Paradise should be celebrating its 10th season this year. However, as time goes on without ABC renewing the spinoff, fans think the show has been shelved for this year.

Similar to the way Bravo has been putting shows or even cast members on ‘pause’ lately, it seems ABC is doing the same with BIP. Season 9 wasn’t well-received by fans and even worse, all three of the final couples broke up within days of the season finale airing.

Rachel Recchia Blames Cancellation On ‘Stupid’ Season 9

Rachel Recchia was one of the contestants on Season 9 of BIP. Her being there was a big deal because she was previously the co-lead on Season 19 of The Bachelorette with Gabby Windey.

Rachel Recchia and Blake Moynes/Credit: Rachel Recchia Instagram
Rachel Recchia and Blake Moynes/Credit: Rachel Recchia Instagram

But Rachel’s engagement to Tino Franco imploded, so she hoped for a third chance at finding love in the franchise. Viewers first met her as a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.

Unfortunately, she didn’t and left the beach single, though fans think she should hook up with Blake Moynes.

The pilot was a recent guest on the Almost Famous On the Road: Dean & Caelynn. Dean and Caelynn are one of the spinoff’s success stories. Rachel chatted with Caelynn about what went wrong on Season 9.

“It was just so stupid,” Rachel said about her season. She added, “Like, looking back, not one couple is together.”

She said it was “probably a good idea” for the spinoff to take a break after the disastrous season. One problem she noted was that several of the contestants knew each other before the show.

“Everyone knew what they were doing before they went down. And if you didn’t know, you were just out of the loop,” Rachel said.

“I think it was just a little too … people didn’t want to step on toes,” she said about other contestants not wanting to take chances on BIP.

As for her own failure on Season 9, she chalked that up to joining the show too soon after her season of The Bachelorette.

Rachel Recchia/Credit: Rachel Recchia Instagram
Rachel Recchia/Credit: Rachel Recchia Instagram

Bachelor Nation Fans Weigh In On Reasons Spinoff ‘Floundered’

A lot of Bachelor Nation fans seem to agree with Rachel that the show needs to go on pause. One fan took to Reddit to start a discussion on the topic “Why do we think Paradise has floundered in recent years?”

Several of the comments reflect what Rachel Recchia was saying about the contestants knowing each other.

  • They had too many contestants that knew others before coming in. So many of them just wanting to be insta famous. No genuine connections.
  • Too much low brow humor, too many people from the same season/friend groups and not enough couples to root for. It used to mean something to be chosen for BIP and now it’s just anyone from the previous season.
  • They need to bring back the boom boom room and stop centering episodes long arcs around contestants bowel movements
  • It’s BORING! Once a couple hooks up they lay around like 3-toed sloths picking bugs out of each others hair. Lazy TV.
  • Honestly Instagram/Toktok because to many people hooked up or liked each other on social media first which kinda spoils the mystery and it didn’t used to be this way
  • Overproduced and emphasis on weak drama, fake relationships, and unlikable people

At this point, ABC has yet to reveal the fate of BIP. Do you think it will return this year for Season 10 or has it been put on pause? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Although it’s been a tough past few years, I still like to watch it. I think they need to bring in new people that has not been on the bachelor or bachelorette. If they mixed it up like that where everyone doesn’t know the new people it would be more interesting. That’s just my opinion. I hope they don’t cancel it though.

  2. I agree on not canceling. I love to watch the messiness. In the culture we live in, how will they have not previously met? Idk. but maybe vet them better? make sure it’s not just about social media and followers? not sure. but I love to watch & I’m older! lol

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