‘BIP’ Alum Michael Allio Sparks Fiery Debate With Post About Son

Michael Allio and son James/Credit: Michael Allio Instagram

Michael Allio was a fan-favorite on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette However, he sparked a debate after his latest post about his son. What did he say to make fans take sides?

BIP Alum Michael Allio Sparks Fiery Debate With Post About Son

Michael Allio is a single father who captured hearts with his devotion to his young son, James. He left Season 17 of The Bachelorette to be with his son. Many viewers wanted him as The Bachelor. But instead, he went on to join Season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise in the hopes of finding love.

Michael Allio/Credit: ABC YouTube
Michael Allio/Credit: ABC YouTube

He met and fell in love with Danielle Maltby. Michael wasn’t ready to get engaged but they left the show as a couple. They split up after a year together.

The former Bachelorette contestant regularly shares content featuring his son on social media. Michael Allio’s latest post was something many parents could relate to.

He posted a video of his young son kicking around a soccer ball and crying. “We played maybe 10 seconds of soccer and I scored a goal. Now he is furious at me,” the reality star wrote.

The video got a mixed reaction from his social media followers. One parents joked that kids are “drama monsters,” which Michael agreed with.

However, another follower called him out for embarrassing his son by posting the video. The BIP alum said he posted the video because both he and his son thought it was funny.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Should Parents Let Their Kids Win?

In a follow-up video, Michael Allio took the debate directly to his followers: “Question: When playing a game or sport, should parents let their kid win or should they beat them?”

Most of the comments were supportive, saying that children should learn how to lose.

  • I’m the same as you! I don’t blow them out of the water, but I also don’t let them win
  • It’s easy to learn to win, it’s harder to learn to lose. You are doing your child a disservice in not teaching him how to handle losing
  • Confidence is important to build up, but it’s also important to teach a kid how to lose gracefully and then try again.
  • Dad legs are clearly longer. Scoring 30 goals on a 6 year old would be discouraging for him. A healthy back and forth is awesome.

However, Bachelor Nation fans on Reddit had a very different take on Michael Allio’s post about his son. Check out some of the comments slamming the reality star:

  • Well this checks out with him using his son for points on TV. Edit: and dead wife.
  • Michael is not teaching his son that it’s okay to lose, he’s teaching his son that when his son does lose his son’s feelings don’t matter and his dad will laugh at him and post him crying to make fun of him and use him for public content.
  • Gross and cruel of him to post of son crying and using his child’s pain for content. His poor child I feel sorry for that boy
  • Gross. He didn’t have to post this. Some (most?) things are better left off of social media.
  • The video is so bad. His son’s tears, Michael’s smug disposition, the apathy. Just wow.

Which side of the debate do you fall on? Was his post appropriate, or was it meant to embarrass his son? Sound off in the comments.

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